Future of Garment Decoration with Brett Bowden


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We are excited to welcome Brett Bowden of Printed Threads. Brett is an industry speaker, teacher, and writer as well as the owner of Printed Threads. They were recognized by Inc. magazine in 2015 as the 826th fastest-growing company on their list of 5000. We are going to talk to Brett about what he sees as the future of garment decoration. Brett has been instrumental in putting together the lineup for ThreadX so we are going to get a preview as well as discuss how his business is changing and what he believes is important for garment decorators in the years to come.

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The TShirt Guys5:59 Is that Ryonet CEO Ryan Moor’s voice that does your podcast intro? It sure sounds like it! 

Future of Garment Decoration

Terry: Let’s start with you telling us a little bit about your business.

Aaron: You’ve experienced substantial growth in just 7-8 years. What’s the key to that growth?

Terry: It’s the start of a new year and the 2 Regular Guys are all about planning and looking into the crystal ball. Talk to us about your take on the future of garment decorating.

Erich Campbell16:49 I have seen shops marketing that boutique angle- ‘hand-pulled only’ – messaging can change the way processes are viewed, for sure

Aaron: For our listeners who are looking into their own crystal ball, what is your best advice to a garment decorator who is also looking for the kind of growth you’ve had?

Terry: We’re very much excited about the upcoming SGIA fueled ThreadX. Tell our listeners what to expect and what your part in the event will be.

2 Regular Guys Podcast24:33http://www.mlcconnect.com/major-level-creative/

Tamir Garb30:29 In my opinion, what I saw is the advantage that companies like Amazon entered the market because it gave me a chance to raise the price, and that’s what happened when DTG started. Every Change has advantages and disadvantages. See you next week in ISS. You guys are amazing.

Aaron: What are you seeing as the end result as we’re walking out the door on the last day.

Jim Jay Busselle33:51 Brett made an AMAZING comparison of the cost of a 4-year degree (which got most of us very little) to industry-specific knowledge at conferences that have market leaders willing to teach, inspire and give value!

Erich Campbell34:44 Directed, targeted information. Great stuff.

Terry: Which speaker are you most looking forward to hearing from. Just between us, oh and the listeners…

Jim Jay Busselle36:35 Johnny rocks!

Erich Campbell37:00 Catching that energy is so important.  Inspiration is so important to fuel that daily action it out l takes to carry on.

Aaron: I understand you just returned from Hati. We have had Ryan Moor on the show previous to talk to us about All Made, and I know you are very involved too. Tell us about your trip and All Made Apparel.

Jim Jay Busselle51:09 Hanging on every word… #WOW thank you so much for sharing this inspiring story. I have a new perspective!! #changinglives ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Terry: Brett, tell our listeners where they can find you, and Printed Threads.

James Ortolani52:05 Cool interview

Jan Peterson Calahan52:09 Love seeing all three of you! Thanks!

Brett Bowden established Printed Threads in 2010 after being reacquainted with his love of screen printing. Having sold his first printing company in 2004, he spent many years traveling the country playing music. Upon graduating college with a Bachelor’s degree in music in 2009, it was evident that choosing a different career path would be necessary. So the old skill of screen printing came in pretty handy. Since Printed Threads started in 2010 it has grown from a garage to a four-automatic operation in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2015 Inc. magazine featured the company at #826 on their 5000 fastest-growing companies list. You can find Brett teaching classes for Ryonet or writing articles for The Ink Kitchen on occasion. When not screen printing, he prefers to be sailing or traveling with his wife and three kids.

Ron Goodwin59:21 thank you..good show

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