Garment Decorators Who Give Back to their Communities


Jessica Tillery and Brandi Schieber join the 2 Regular Guys this week for our quarterly installment of Women in Garment Decorating. Both of these decorators are heavily involved in their respective communities. We’ll be discussing the benefits and the challenges of going beyond the day-to-day job of running a business and adding community participation to the mix. Plus, we will talk to them about the work-life balance and how they keep up such amazing businesses while being mothers. These two rockstars have it figured out and will share how they do it!


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  • Aaron has been working hard on getting some info on Printing United, but Josh is a hard nut to crack. We will get him on soon and make him spill some beans. But I’ll say this: as partners & exhibitors. We get sneak peeks at what PRINTING United is planning. It is going to be cool, so stay tuned.

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Do you think that corduroy pillowcases will make headlines?

Give Back to their Communities

Aaron: I’d like to welcome into the show today’s Women in Garment Decorating

Jessica Tillery is the Founder of All Quality Graphics, a custom merchandising company in Northern California. She is also the founder of The Love Unstoppable Movement, L.U.M., a love and faith-based passion project, created to make an environmental, humanitarian, spiritual and charitable impact. Jessica prides herself on stellar company culture and a tight-knit, cohesive team that is fueled by integrity and tenacity, and committed to making an impact. Outside of work, her hobbies include traveling, wakesurfing, snowboarding, playing soccer, working out, reading and spending quality time with friends and family; especially her partner and super rad 6 year old daughter. Her mantra is: Love God, Love People, Love Life, Love is Unstoppable!

Brandi Schieber Brandi was born and raised on a farm and ranch in the Kremlin-Hillsdale area. She graduated from Northwestern Oklahoma State University and earned her degree in Ag-business with minor in animal science. Brandi returned home to the family farm to raise her 3 girls with husband Russell. Brandi and her husband have a passion for entrepreneurship. They founded Schieber’s Donuts & Deli in Enid and operated it 7 years before selling it to pursue other dreams. During that time, she also owned/founded an insurance agency where she sold home, auto, commercial, life, and crop insurance to better serve the local community. In June of 2018 they purchased Downtown Threads, a local embroidery, screen-printing, and promotional product shop. She has since sold her insurance agency and operates Downtown Threads full time. She and her husband are also part owners of BRCK Land & Cattle where they run 400 cows and 1100 yearling steers/heifers. In 2018, Brandi was recognized by Enid Young Professionals as top 10 under 40. Brandi is a current member of Leadership Oklahoma, United Way of NW Oklahoma Board of Directors, Enid noon Ambucs, Enid Rotary, RSVP executive board, and Chairman of Parish council at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. Brandi enjoys cooking/baking, fishing and hunting, going to her girl’s activities and entertaining friends.

Aaron: Tell our listeners a little about yourself and your business. What led you to garment decorating?

Aaron: Brandi – Last week we shared a news article we saw that was about one Mr. Taublieb and him coming to your shop with a scented T-Shirt. Tells us more about that shirt and your time with Charlie.

Aaron: As we were preparing for this discussion, we noticed that you both are very involved in your local communities, especially in giving back. Talk to us about why that is important to you?

Aaron: With all of the involvement in both running your business for profit and the altruistic side you both have, what are some of the biggest challenges you have to overcome? How do you navigate not giving it all away?

Aaron: How does that connection with your communities help your businesses thrive? How can other decorators emulate you?

Aaron: Based on what I’m hearing, you both have just given up sleeping. I know you are both Mom’s too, and probably a 100 other incredible responsibilities you juggle? Help us understand how you do it? For us mortals, what is the secret? 

Aaron: You are both 2021 Women in Screen Print Award Winners. Congratulations and well deserved. I’d love to know what that award means to you personally. 

Aaron: Lets talk passion projects. Being able to give back not only to our communities, but also to others in our industry and more broadly, what gets you excited?


L.U.M | Quarterly Subscription T-Shirt Revival

The Love Unstoppable Movement is a faith based quarterly t-shirt subscription. We print powerful designs on our premium Allmade tri-blend tees made out of 6 plastic bottles, sewn in Honduras for fair living wages, decorated in the good ol USA and sent straight to your doorstep. This shirt gives back in so many ways!

Aaron: Tell us where people can connect with you?

Aaron: Closing question – If a young lady who is brand new to our industry came to you in a rush and said, “I have 2 minutes before I have to run, but what is the #1 piece of advice you have for me,” how would you answer her?

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