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Join us in the upcoming episode of the 2 Regular Guys Podcast as we delve deeper into the world of AI in decorated apparel art. This time, our special guest Dane Clement, the renowned “Regular Art Guy” from Great Dane Graphics, takes us on an insightful journey, focusing on leveraging the powerful features of Photoshop.

Dane, a respected industry expert and pioneer in modern decorated apparel art, will share his wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to harness the potential of AI within the realm of Photoshop. Discover how decorators can maximize the capabilities of this industry-standard software to enhance their design workflow, create stunning artwork, and streamline production processes.

In addition to exploring the exciting advancements in AI-driven artwork creation, Dane will also touch upon the concept of Midjourney, providing valuable insights on how decorators can implement effective strategies for sustainable business growth.

Tune in as Dane shares a sneak peek into his new class offered by Our Success Group, a leading resource for industry professionals seeking to upskill and thrive in the decorated apparel space. Explore the details of Dane’s class and discover how it can help you unlock the full potential of graphics AI.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights from Dane Clement as he takes us on a deep dive into the intersection of AI, Photoshop, and the world of decorated apparel art. Get ready to elevate your design game and embrace the possibilities that AI brings to your creative process. Visit to learn more about Dane’s upcoming class and be part of the AI revolution in decorated apparel art.

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More AI with Dane Clement

Aaron: Welcome back to the show. We last got to talk to you on 2 Regular Guys in Tinley Park at a bar – shocking. Tell the listeners about your journey in graphic design and how you started incorporating AI into your work.

Terry: It seems as if AI in graphics has come a little out of nowhere. Do you think this is a fad, or is it not ready for prime time?

-Nope. It’s not a fad, it’s here to stay!

  • Looking at it from an illustrator / artists perspective, I hate it. Absolutely hate it. But as I thought about it more from a practical business side. I absolutely love it.
  • I’m sure it’s just like when the horse and buggy came into being
  • The calculator came to everyone, the computer, all of it
  • As technology changes you have to adapt and change with it.
  • We need to think of it as another TOOL to get our work done.

Aaron: I know we have a class coming up so we will talk about it in a bit, but in general how has AI changed your workflow?

Terry: What are some common misconceptions or fears people have about using AI in design?

Aaron: Let’s talk a little about the class coming up I’m excited to host you as a guest trainer over at Our Success Group. Can you give us a sneak peek into one practical tip or trick you’ll share in the class? 

-Oh man, there’s going to be so many. I’ll show how the size ratio is as important as any prompting to get the results you’re looking for. We’ll cover getting your image out of Midjourney and how to finish it in Photoshop making adjustments to it and adding text etc.

Link to register for Non-OSG Members –

Terry: What do you think is the most exciting part about the intersection of AI and graphic design?

  • I think the most exciting part of it is it’s a force multiplier. As an artist (for all you artists out there) you need to learn to use it. It will save you/your business or the company you work for a BOAT LOAD of time. That should be a benefit to both parties. You’re still needed, it needs your creativity for the starting point, and it (at least for now) needs your skills to finish it out.
  • It is super fun and exciting to play with too. 

Aaron: What else is new for you? (Discuss

  • DanesPaintedPets
  • Artwork for DyeSub Photoshop book, I’m holding it back a bit to add a chapter on Photoshop’s Generative Fill-AI. 

Terry: Where can people go to connect with you?

Aaron: We always like to leave the #Regulators with one last golden nugget when we can. What is the number one piece of advice you give garment or product decorators when it comes to graphics?