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Cory Cissell, MAS with Cap America, will join the 2 Regular Guys this Friday.  We’ll be talking headwear trends today and all things hats and caps. Plus, we’ll talk about employee training, quality assurance, and more from Cory’s position as VP of Customer Experience. This will be a rewarding high ranging discussion and an opportunity to talk to someone with over 10 years of experience in headwear and promotional products.

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Aaron: As VP of Customer Experience, Cory Cissell strives to establish service levels and requirements for three key departments: customer service, marketing, and art. He develops and implements methods to record, assess, and analyze customer feedback. He is also responsible for developing and implementing training and quality assurance programs for new hires and experienced employees. He oversees the weekly, monthly, and yearly goals of 90+ team members.

Terry: Let’s start with sharing with our listeners how you came to the industry.

Aaron: What are the headwear trends today, and what should our listeners be decorating?

Terry: In our show prep, you told us about converting old systems to new ones and automating the workflow. Talk to us about that.

Aaron: Let’s talk about websites. Tell us why staying current and user-friendly is important.

Terry: To continue on marketing, give our listeners some ideas to stay top of mind in a recession.

Aaron: Hiring in the current marketplace is a subject we hear about all the time. Give us some tips on how you are accomplishing the task.

Terry: Now that we have these new employees, talk to us about your own training techniques.

Aaron: In your bio, you mentioned quality assurance. Share your thoughts on quality control.
Terry: Tell our listeners how they can reach out to you.


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