July 12th, 2013 Show Notes – Heat Press Options

July 12th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast from July 12th, 2013, so you can get more details on some of the items we discussed. We shared details about some Heat Press Options and we are the first to announce a new resource for the industry with our guest Johnny Killebrew.

We have launched a new website at www.2regularguys.com (Which you are at now) and we will have the show notes and links for you to check out along with some blog posts from us about different topics and we also have an industry calendar. If you have industry events you want listed on our site please forward us the link to the Facebook event page for those events. You can contact us through our site on the Contact Us page.

Guest on the Show – Johnny Killebrew

Johnny has several website you can find him on and is also a co-founder of in industry forum. See the links to his sites below:

The Big Announcement –  There is a New Industry site for buying and selling the things we use in the garment decoration industry. Signing up is free, Basic listings are free, Basic Stores are free.

You can list as a regular auction style, Buy Now, Dutch auction, Reverse Auction, Trade Auction and Make Offer auction. You can set reserve price, Buy Now price and Make offer range. You can also just list a Wanted Ad.

If you are a Printer, Embroider, DTG’er, Rhinestoner, have a Clothing Line, Sell Equipment, Buy Equipment or Offer a Service such as Artwork, Contract Printing, Contract Embroidery or Industry Consulting then this is the place to be. Teebay.us

Info about the Fees

Heat Press Options:

So recently Aaron wrote an Article for A&E and Printwear magazine about the different options when selecting a Heat Press. The article isn’t so much of a suggestion of what type to buy, but more of a guide to deciphering why press might be right for you. Every business is going to be different so really a person selling you a heat press should never just recommend a press without really asking you some questions first.

Differences between the Clam Shell and the Swing Away press?

Clam Shell Pros: The least expensive option, fast loading, and smallest foot print. Also can be auto release by mechanical means (not air pressure).

Clam Shell Cons: Greater chance of being burned, harder to layout complicated projects on the press and don’t get as even of pressure as a swinger.

Swinger Pros: Better even pressure, allows for transferring thicker items, easier to lay out complicated designs.

Swinger Cons: Needs a larger workspace, harder on your body to use with a further reach.

In a later podcast we can also talk about many of the other options like Manual or Auto, Standard or Air Operated and Small Format versus Wide Format. Check out the article in Printwear Magazine.

Other News/Events


  • NBM Long Beach – July 18 to 20th (Use Code: 2GUYS for free passes)
  • Embroidery Mart – July 26th and 27th (Use Code: EMN32 for free passes)
  • ISS Las Vegas – August 4th to 6th
  • NGN Connect Show St. Louis – Sept. 6th and 7th

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