Heat Printing Technology in 2019


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Josh Ellsworth from Stahls will be joining us today to talk about the latest trends in Heat Printing for 2019. Learn where heat printing fits into the latest decorating landscape, what’s new, and how heat printing can help your business succeed. Josh is the VP of Sales for Groupe Stahl and writes a column for Printwear. He’s also a regular contributor to Impressions Magazine. Best known for his work as an educator, Josh delivers some great information.

Our regular listeners know this, but 2 Regular Guys are all about garment decorating, a bit of fun, and no rants or lectures or selling. We are not doing this for our employers, but rather for our industry. Since February 2013, The 2 Regular Guys have been the first and the most listened to garment decorating industry podcast on this planet! We are humbled by all of you tuning in each week. We work hard to bring you information that will make your business better, and our industry better. Take a look at our incredible weekly guest list and you’ll understand where this industry goes for news, interviews and the heartbeat of garment decorating. Thanks for listening!


  • The owners of Pacific Eurotex Corp., a textile company in Los Angeles, were sentenced to federal prison after they pleaded guilty last year to federal money-laundering and tax-evasion charges. Four years ago, Pacific Eurotex and about 75 other companies were caught up in a vast raid by more than 1,000 federal and state agents who fanned out across the Los Angeles Fashion District to crack down on a long-running money-laundering scheme benefiting two drug cartels in Mexico. The total amount of cash and property seized was more than $140 million.

  • Badger Sport Cuts Ties with Chinese Manufacturer Implicated in Forced Labor – This is after an article by the Associated Press reported on internment camps in China where detainees were forced to work for various manufacturers. One of those facilities showed an interior that matched a branch of Hetian Taida, from which Badger Sport had been sourcing garments. 

  • Screen Printing congratulates the six winners of the inaugural Rising Stars Awards, which shines a light on emerging talent who have become proven leaders in the specialty graphics industry. The honorees – all of whom are 35 or younger and work for printing companies – were chosen based on their professional accomplishments, fresh thinking, contributions toward industry advancement, commitment to excellence, and impact on their organizations. The winners are Dominic Rosacci, Danny Gruninger, Isaac Menge, Megan Griffith, Matt Shaw, and Tyler Dowdy.

Heat Printing Technology in 2019

Terry: Josh, talk to us about new developments with GroupeSTAHL. What can you tell us about the latest and greatest from the company?

Erich: We recently read a blog post you did over at Ted Stahl’s blog wherein you had some poignant insights and predictions for the year to come; you discussed how there’s a real change in the market for mid-size decorators- can you talk about what you called the ‘big squeeze’ and tell us a little about how heat printing fits into this new landscape?

Terry: Heat printing seems to be expanding into new markets every day; where do you see heat printing going that you think might surprise the traditional decorator?

Erich: As much as we love getting into the new markets, existing heat printers always want to know what’s coming that they can take advantage of in their current channels; What do you see as the rising trends in heat printing materials and even decoration styles for the coming year?

Terry: Where would you say heat printing is headed a few years, or even many years from now? What sort of technologies and markets do you see as the natural expansion from where we are now?

Erich: On a slightly more immediate note, What can our listeners expect to see from Stahls in Long Beach? What should they be looking forward to?

Terry: Where can the listeners find more information and find you aside from the shows?

Josh Ellsworth is the VP of Sales for Groupe Stahl and writes a column for Printwear. He’s also a regular contributor to Impressions Magazine. Best known for his work as an educator, Joshy has delivered educational seminars at trade shows around the world including; Imprinted Sportswear Shows, SGIA, FESPA, Advertising Specialty Institute, and NNEP. We could go on and on with Josh’s accomplishments!

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