Inclusion Initiative Update and Industry Insights


This week we discuss the latest developments in the Inclusion Initiative and gain valuable industry insights. We’re thrilled to welcome back Jed Seifert, an advocate for community empowerment and business success. Discover how to tap into a pool of limitless employees right in your own community while exploring Jed’s recipe for thriving in the industry. Get the inside scoop on our initiative’s progress, and what’s on the horizon, and glean insights on effective employee management as your business grows. Whether you’re passionate about inclusion or eager to elevate your industry knowledge, this episode promises valuable takeaways to enrich your journey in the world of decoration and printing. Tune in and stay informed with the 2 Regular Guys!

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Dad Joke

Terry: There’s only one thing that scares me on Halloween.

Aaron: Which is? (witches)

Terry: Exactly!

Inclusion Initiative Update

Aaron: Welcome! Jed, you joined us back in November of 2022 to share about the inclusion initiative you would like to see take hold in the industry and beyond. So most of the Regulators would have met you back then, but for any new listeners can you tell us a little about you and your passion? 

Terry: Again we talked about this last year, but can you give us an overview of the unique approach to hiring and managing employees you have at Stakes? How is that process going at this point?

Aaron: Can you provide an update on the progress of the Inclusion Initiative since we last spoke? Have there been any notable developments or success stories?

Terry: How can our listeners follow your lead and duplicate your hiring successes? 

Aaron: As an industry how can we do more? Were their hopes or expectations when you started sharing these ideas publicly that just haven’t come to fruition?

Terry: You’ve built a large and successful decorating business. What have you learned along the way that would help our listeners grow their businesses?

Aaron: You’ve been actively involved in the industry, attending events like Printing United and Impressions in Ft. Worth. Can you share any trends or innovations you’ve seen?

Terry: How can businesses successfully balance growth with maintaining their core values and commitment to the community, as you’ve done with the Inclusion Initiative?

Aaron: What’s next for Stakes?

Terry: To wrap up, could you offer our listeners one piece of advice based on your journey in the industry and your experiences with the Inclusion Initiative?

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