July 17th Show Notes – Industry Educational Community

Johnny ShellJuly 17th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We welcome back to the show, Johnny Shell, the Vice President of Technical Services for SGIA. He is going to bring us some information on the Educational Community and how it interacts with our industry, how you can get involved and what SGIA is doing to foster growth in our industry. We will get more details also about the continuing educational events that SGIA produces and more. If you like learning, this is the show for you!

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Industry Educational Community

  • Your perspective of the SkillsUSA National Contest event and how you thought it went and what it was all about?
  • Why does SGIA get involved with organizations like SkillsUSA?
  • At SkillsUSA I know you spoke with a lot of students and teachers there, but can you pick out one or 2 comments about the event you got from a student or teacher that stood out to you?
  • What other educational groups or opportunities is SGIA involved with?
  • How can our listeners get involved at the local level to support a sustainable future for our industry’s workforce?
  • What workshops do you have coming up this year and tell us a little more about those?
  • How about Webinars, what do you guys do there and what is coming up on that front?
  • What are the great learning opportunities at the Expo this year. What things there stand out to you?
  • SGIA has also reinstated its education committee.  What are some of the activities and the charge of this committee?

Johnny Shell – Vice President of Technical Services for SGIA for the past seventeen years. In this role, he directs and coordinates the activities of the Technical Services department and works to educate the industry on the capabilities and viability of specialty printing. Shell also teaches numerous workshops annually, and his technical writings appear regularly in several top industry publications in the U.S. and abroad. In addition, Mr. Shell is a frequent speaker at industry events and trade show expositions both domestically and internationally. He has worked in the specialty imaging industry for the past 29 years, with experience ranging from optical media manufacturing to graphic and apparel printing. He has won numerous printing awards throughout his career, and is a member of the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technology, an international body of experts which honors qualified individuals through election to membership for their distinguished, long-term contributions to, and application and promotion of, screen and digital printing and associated imaging technologies for graphic, textile, industrial and electronic printing applications.


  1. NBM Long Beach – 7/23 to 7/25
  2. Embroidery Mart – 8/7 to 8/8
  3. NBM Philly – 8/28 to 8/30
  4. ISS Orlando – 9/10 to 9/12
  5. NBM Denver – 10/2 to 10/3
  6. ISS Ft Worth – 10/15 to 10/17
  7. SGIA Atlanta – 11/4 to 11/6

Other News/Events

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