Industry Innovations with Ted Stahl


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. The guys welcome to the show for the first time a true industry pioneer and leader of the 85-year-old GroupeStahl organization, Ted Stahl. Ted will share his take on the latest innovations and trends in the garment decorating industry, as well as tell us about some amazing new things his company is bringing to market. We will talk about Dye Migrations, Heat Press technology, and his take on where the industry is heading. Don’t miss this conversation.

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  • Hanes announces the acquisition of Alternative Apparel. The announcement comes as the company releases its preliminary third-quarter 2017 results. Hanes says it has purchased Georgia-based Alternative Apparel through an all-cash transaction valued at roughly $60 million. Alternative projects full-year net sales of approximately $70 million.

Industry Innovations with Ted Stahl

Terry: Ted, this is the first time we’ve had you on the show. This is your 85th Anniversary this year, so first congratulations. Give us the rundown of those 85 years, good and bad. Also, tell us about your journey.

Aaron: One of the things I have followed is your Great Race. Can you tell us about that program?

Terry: Let’s get to our industry. Can you give us your take on innovation in general in our industry? If you had your crystal ball in front of you, what do you think we might be able to expect?

Aaron: We had a chance to sit down with you at SGIA, and the first thing you said to me was “are you ready to have your mind blown”? You were not kidding, I was very impressed, but I want you to tell our listeners what you guys have been working on when it comes to Dye Migration?

Terry: How is this product going to be available to the market and when?

Aaron: What other innovations can we look for on the Heat Press side of your business, Hotronix? What have you guys got cooking with those

Terry: We heard you guys are tripling your capacity at Stahls. Tell us about those plans and what is pushing you guys to do that from a market perspective?

Ted Stahl is the Executive Chairman of the Board of GroupeSTAHL, a family-owned, international group of companies dedicated to providing a wide range of alternatives in garment decoration, specializing in heat printing methods. Ted is a well-known industry veteran with more than 44 years of experience in all aspects of apparel graphics, from manufacturing and marketing, to product design and retail operations. Highly regarded by his peers as an industry pioneer, visionary and influential person in the decoration industry, he was ranked as #1 on Stitches Magazine Power 75 List in 2013. In 2010, Ted was inducted into the National Sporting Goods Association Hall of Fame. Ted has been awarded many patents for innovations in the world of garment decorating, including Thermo-FILM, the world’s most popular material for numbers and letters, and the revolutionary Hotronix® heat press. The best-selling Hotronix® Fusion is the world’s first touch-screen heat press designed as a combination swinger and draw press.
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