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Join us for a knowledge-packed episode of the 2 Regular Guys Podcast, featuring industry veteran Charlie Taublieb. With 47 years of experience in the business, Charlie is a treasure trove of insights and expertise. Aaron and Terry will discuss Charlie’s rich journey in the industry, exploring key moments and experiences that have shaped his perspective. From his extensive summer road trips connecting with industry professionals to his upcoming seminars, Charlie offers a unique perspective on industry trends and tips. Discover valuable takeaways that apply to both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the world of decoration and printing. Charlie’s golden nuggets of advice and observations will inspire, inform, and elevate your understanding of the industry. Whether you’re looking for trends to watch, tips for success, or simply seeking to expand your industry knowledge, this episode with Charlie Taublieb is a must-listen.

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Industry Insights

Aaron: Charlie, for that one person who might be listening who doesn’t know you, tell us a little about yourself and your path into the industry.

Terry: When and where did you speak at your first trade show, and how did that experience shape your approach to sharing industry insights?

Aaron: So, you’ll be speaking next week at the Ft Worth Impressions Expo like the rest of the 2 Regular Guys Crew here. Tell us about your seminars there.

Terry: Beyond the Ft. Worth Impressions Expo, you’ve been a frequent speaker at various industry events. Can you share some memorable moments or key takeaways from those experiences?

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Aaron: You have a new book out. Can you provide a sneak peek into some of the industry insights and practical knowledge that readers can expect to find in it?

Terry: Your annual summer road trips are legendary. Could you share a few highlights from your 2023 journey? Any fascinating people or stories?

Aaron: With 47 years of experience, you’ve seen the industry evolve. What trends or shifts have you observed recently that could impact both newcomers and established professionals?

Terry: Where can our listeners find you, buy the book, and learn more about your consulting services?

Aaron: We like to end an interview with one golden nugget. If you could distill your extensive industry experience into one piece of advice for someone new to the industry, what would it be?

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We serve up bite-sized tips for our #regulators to instantly spice up their decorated apparel business. Just like the perfect wing sauce, these quick tips can transform your business experience, adding flavor and depth to your operations. Each video in this playlist is a nugget of wisdom, carefully selected for its potential to bring immediate value to your work. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in the decorated apparel industry, dip into our ‘Secret Sauce’ for insights that can help you soar. Remember, the right tip at the right time can be just the secret ingredient you need for success.