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This Friday the 2 Regular Guys will welcome Adrienne Palmer, the Editor of Screen Printing Magazine. We’ll be talking about trends in the garment decorating industry, social media marketing, podcasts, mentorship, and more. Join the conversation to learn more about what Adrienne is seeing out in the world of garment decorating as she leads Screen Printing Magazine.

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Industry Trends, Social Media and More with Adrienne Palmer

Terry: Adrienne Palmer is the editor-in-chief of Screen Printing and Big Picture magazines. She joined Big Picture magazine in 2012 after graduating from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism with a BA in magazine journalism. During her time with Big Picture, she has held the roles of assistant editor, associate editor, and managing editor; she added sister publication Screen Printing magazine to her resume in 2019. She is a 2019 Folio: Top Woman in Media; spearheads Big Picture’s annual Women in Wide Format Awards and Best of Wide Format Awards as well as Screen Printing’s annual Rising Stars Awards, Women in Screen Printing Awards, and The Mentorship Project; is on the board of Printing United Alliance’s Women in Print Alliance; hosts Screen Saver, Screen Printing magazine’s podcast; and represents the Big Picture and Screen Printing teams at numerous industry events year-round as a speaker, moderator, and panelist… and guest on 2 Regular Guys.

Aaron: Adrienne, we love talking podcasts let’s start there. Tell us about your new podcast.

Terry: Last week we shared a press release talking about your new Mentorship Program. What’s that all about? (How can our listeners participate?)

Aaron: Let’s spend some time talking about trends in the apparel decorating during Covid. 

What are your thoughts about online selling?

Terry: The magazine title is Screen Printing, but I’ve heard you talk about  DTG printing’s place in this new world.

Aaron: I know Screen Printing does surveying in the industry. What are you seeing as the apparel trends through this research?

Terry: Let’s take a slight shift to promoting your business through social media. This was growing fast before Covid. Talk to us about this type of promotion today.

Aaron: Adrienne, how can our listeners find you and Screen Printing magazine?

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5 Things That Will Be Permanent after COVID-19

Things We Discovered That Worked Better

  1. Working from home either full time or part time will be the norm
  2. Online sales will continue to grow as all or part of your sales effort
  3. Social media marketing will continue to grow as all or part of your marketing effort
  4. Going forward you will likely know fewer and fewer of your customers face to face, so you’ll have to build relationships in other ways
  5. After paring down staff during COVID, jobbing out some of these same positions (accounting, art, marketing, etc.) will be more common

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