Inside the Digital Textile Imprinting World


Join Aaron live on location at American Print On Demand for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour with Sean Stewart. Explore the evolution of digital textile imprinting, from old-school transfers to cutting-edge DTF technology. Discover the journey from dye sublimation desktop to wide-format printing and cut and sew processes. Gain a deeper understanding of transfer printing strategies and sublimation cut and sew integration. Explore the array of tools available in the print lab at American Print On Demand. Learn why DTF has become one of the most exciting advancements in digital textile printing. Don’t miss this immersive journey into the heart of digital textile imprinting innovation.

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Digital Textile Imprinting

  • Can you walk us through the evolution of digital textile imprinting and how it has transformed over the years?
  • Starting with old-school transfers and dye sublimation desktop systems. How has the transition been from these methods to the current wide-format and cut-and-sew processes?
  • DTF (Direct to Film) printing appears to be a game-changer for screen printers. Can you elaborate on its benefits and how it provides a cost-effective yet viable transfer solution?
FUNdamentals LIVE - June 7-8th.
  • What impact do different head configurations in DTF printers have on the printing process, and what considerations are important when choosing software for substrate compatibility?
  • How does DTF compare to other methods like sublimation cut and sew, and what factors should businesses consider when selecting between these technologies?
  • Can you discuss the significance of having a transfer depot and how it contributes to building a book of business while ensuring sustainable growth?

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