Instagram Mastery: Tips for Growing Your Business


Join us for an insightful conversation with Jenna Warriner, Marketing Coach, and Social Media Management agency owner, as she shares valuable insights on leveraging Instagram to grow your business. Jenna simplifies Instagram marketing through her program, Magic Marketing Machine, helping small business owners and freelancers create a sustainable online presence and turn followers into clients. Tune in to discover practical tips, strategies, and the power of social media in starting, sustaining, and growing your business on Instagram.

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Dad Joke

Terry: Did you know Sylvester Stallone is on his third marriage?

I guess the first one was rocky, and the second one was rocky, too.

Instagram Mastery

Aaron: Jenna, welcome in! We always start by getting to know our guests. Learning who you are from you is way better than some overly curated Bio. Give us your history and what led you to become a Marketing Coach and Owner of Parkdale Republic.

Terry: Start us off by helping us understand why Instagram. What makes that platform appealing?

Aaron: What advice do you have for businesses looking to integrate Instagram marketing into their overall marketing strategy?

Terry: Do you have some tips for us and the #Regulators (our regular listeners) for what posts to make on Instagram to grow our followers?

Aaron: What are the key elements of a successful Instagram profile?

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Terry: Can you share some tips for creating engaging and visually appealing content on Instagram?

Aaron: How can businesses effectively define their target audience on Instagram?

Terry: How can businesses use Instagram Live to connect with their audience?

Aaron: What are some common mistakes you see businesses making on Instagram?

Terry: How can people learn more about you and Parkdale Republic? Also what programs do you offer that will help people simplify Instagram?

The Secret Sauce

We serve up bite-sized tips for our #regulators to instantly spice up their decorated apparel business. Just like the perfect wing sauce, these quick tips can transform your business experience, adding flavor and depth to your operations. Each video in this playlist is a nugget of wisdom, carefully selected for its potential to bring immediate value to your work. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in the decorated apparel industry, dip into our ‘Secret Sauce’ for insights that can help you soar. Remember, the right tip at the right time can be just the secret ingredient you need for success.


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