Journey into Decoration: Live from Ft. Worth Impressions Expo


Join us for a special live episode of the 2 Regular Guys Podcast, coming to you from the heart of the Impressions Expo in Ft. Worth, Texas. Terry, Aaron, and producer Erich Campbell will share their personal stories of how they first entered the decoration industry and what has kept them engaged over the years. But that’s not all—be prepared for exciting conversations with attendees and exhibitors from the show floor as they reveal their own journeys and the reasons they’ve chosen to stay in this vibrant and dynamic industry. This episode promises a unique blend of personal anecdotes and valuable insights from the people who make the decoration and printing world so remarkable. Don’t miss this live experience from Ft. Worth!

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Journey into Decoration

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Thanks for tuning in! The questions we asked at the show were how and why did you get into the industry. And most importantly why did you stay?

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