July 26th, 2013 Show Notes – How to be the New Boss

July 26th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast from July 26th, 2013, so you can get more details on some of the items we discussed. This program discussed how to be a new manager in production and beyond. It came from an article Terry wrote years ago in Screen Printing Magazine. The revised blog post will be found on this page.

Being the New Boss in Production

  • Being the New Boss in Production. Not only for Production Managers but supervisors and new employees in all departments and companies.
  • Walking into a business that’s already up and running, and now you’re the new boss.
  • Positioning yourself in a new job in those first 90 days.

  • Understand Where You Stand, specifically what is presumed by owners and managers, and what reality is.

Other News/Events


  • Embroidery Mart – July 26th and 27th (Use Code: EMN32 for free passes)
  • ISS Las Vegas – August 4th to 6th
  • NGN Connect Show St. Louis – Sept. 6th and 7th
  • NBM Philly – September 19th to 21st

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