Keeping Peace and Profitability in Your Home-Based Business


Join us on the 2 Regular Guys Podcast as we welcome Lori Champagne, the creative force behind With a diverse background ranging from picture framing to Muppet building, Lori discovered her passion for the awards and engraving industry in 1994. In this episode, Lori discusses her upcoming presentation at the START HERE Academy, part of GPX Indianapolis, IN, on June 14th. Titled “Keeping Peace and Profitability in Your Home-Based Business,” her talk will provide valuable insights and practical tips for home-based entrepreneurs. Discover how Lori successfully transitioned her business from California to Michigan, setting up a fully equipped home-based studio. Tune in to gain valuable advice on achieving a harmonious balance between personal life and entrepreneurship in a home-based setting. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with Lori Renee Champagne, a true creative entrepreneur dedicated to empowering others in their pursuit of sustainable success.

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Home Based Business

Aaron: Welcome Lori! In the past we would share a full bio before bringing our guest on, and realized, that is just not the 2 Regular Guys. We like a good conversation! So instead, you tell us about you. Who is Lori?

Terry: Your background includes various creative ventures. Can you tell us about any unique creative strategies you’ve developed along the way?

Aaron: Being featured in a front-page Wall Street Journal article for excellence in creativity is an incredible achievement. How do you continue to foster creativity and innovation in your work today?

Terry: In the bio for START HERE Academy it mentioned you transitioned from a successful retail shop in California to a home-based studio in Michigan. What unique challenges did that create for you?

Aaron: In your experience, what are some common misconceptions or myths about running a successful home-based business?

Terry: We know that giving back to the community is a big part of who you are. Talk to us about that part of you and what drives that for you?

Terry: Another piece from the bio on START HERE Academy mentioned you are a long-time member of Toastmasters. How do you leverage these skills and experiences in your current work as an entrepreneur?

Aaron: With START HERE Academy a little over a month away. What are you most looking forward to about the event?

Terry: Tell people where they can find you and connect with you?

Don’t forget to go to to sign up for the START HERE Academy – June 14th at 3PM the day before the GPX Indianapolis, IN show opens.