Richard “King” Tilley Talks Screen Printing and More


Richard “King” Tilley with ROQ US joins the 2 Regular Guys this week. He has made it his goal to serve as many people as possible through education, how-to videos on YouTube, daily mindset motivation, business advice, and perspective. Join us this week to talk about screen printing and much more. As an extra bonus, Stephanie Young with Siser will drop by at the top of the show to share the latest at Siser and the upcoming Everything Embroidery Market.

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Screen Printing and More

Aaron: Welcome to the 2 Regular Guys, Stephanie Young from Siser. You and I met for the first time at Everything Embroidery Market in Chattanooga in April, then you also came out to SkillsUSA and were a tremendous help. So let’s start with SkillsUSA. Tell us about your experience there.

Terry: You’re with Siser North America. Tell us about your role with them and anything new and exciting there.

Aaron: We are both headed back to EEM this month, September 22-24th. Share your experience at the last one, and tell us what you are looking forward to in Myrtle Beach.

Aaron: Welcome to the show today, Richard. Tell our listeners a little about yourself.

Terry: We always ask, what led you to garment decorating? You have quite a story, so share it with the Regulators.

Aaron: Congratulations on being one of the top industry influencers, according to the Apparelist. Talk to us about how participating on social media started and changed for you. 

Terry: We’re all about education here. Share with our listeners how you help new business owners get started and find success.

Aaron: Outside of ROQ, you are the founder of the Winners Circle (@xwinnerscirclex on Instagram). Share with us what that is and your take on personal growth and paying it forward.

Terry: Tell us more about the system you use to keep moving forward and power your personal growth.

Aaron: What’s a piece of advice you would offer to a new business owner?

Terry: As we close here, is anything new and exciting in your world, and where can people connect with you?


If you would like to present your 5 Things, five quick points on any subject, whether it be advice or five instructional steps, we would love to hear from you. You can come on the show and present them yourself, or we will share your list with our listeners or even play a recorded video of you sharing 5 things. Whatever is easiest.