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SGIA Becomes the Title Sponsor of 2 Regular Guys Podcast

St. Louis, MO – The 2 Regular Guys Podcast hosted by Terry Combs and Aaron Montgomery announces SGIA, Specialty Graphics Imaging Association as their new title sponsor through the end of 2018. The partnership is effective immediately and has already been in action with the 2 Regular Guys sharing details about the 2017 SGIA Expo and other industry services that SGIA provides. With the 2 Regular Guys being the oldest most listened to Podcast in the industry it seemed like a natural fit for Terry and Aaron of 2 Regular Guys to team up with SGIA.

“The 2 Regular Guys Podcast is a great voice for the Garment Decorators’ community, and becoming a sponsor is a way for SGIA to reach a critical part of our market.” says Maggie Stevens, Vice President of Marketing Communications for SGIA.

“With SGIA’s focus on education, and our own emphasis on training and education, the new SGIA sponsorship of 2 Regular Guys is a natural fit.” says co-host, Terry Combs of the 2 Regular Guys.

Maggie Stevens adds, “Supporting the 2 Regular Guys podcast is one component of SGIA’s multi-channel communications strategy. We’re excited to support them and to have an opportunity to be in front of their growing audience.”

Tune in every Friday at 11:00 AM EST to catch up with industry guests, detailed information about all sorts of business-related topics and the latest from SGIA and other industry related organizations via your Podcast application of choice. For more information go to

About Specialty Graphics Imaging Association

SGIA LogoSGIA Mission Statement
“SGIA will continually strive to be the foremost resource for information and education within the specialty imaging industry.”

USA and Canada
SGIA supports the digital and screen printing community in the USA and Canada by providing services and activities specific to their interests.

The Global Marketplace
While the majority of SGIA services and activities are specific to US and Canada, SGIA will continue to partner with national and regional associations around the globe to continually develop the international community. The SGIA National Affiliation Program brings together a multi-national community to enhance awareness and encourage the exchange of information.

“Supporting the Leaders of the Digital and Screen Printing Community”

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About the 2 Regular Guys Podcast

2 Regular Guys LogoThe 2 Regular Guys podcast has evolved from Aaron and Terry hanging out in hotel bars and restaurants after trade shows, eating chicken wings, disagreeing over ranch or bleu cheese as the true and proper dipping sauce, and talking about our day and the industry. A long list of industry friends joined into those conversations over the years, in cities across America and the world. These same friends now come back to join us as guests to the program. The trade shows continue, the industry grows and matures, and the 2 Regular Guys continue those conversations, talking garment and product decorating (and on occasion beer and chicken wings) every Friday at 11:00 AM EST.