How LED Color Toner Transfer Systems Have Reshaped Short Run Decoration


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. This week we were joined by OKI Data this week for an in depth discussion of the world of LED Color Toner Heat Transfers and short run decorating in 2017. We will get updates on the latest and greatest technologies in the space. We will also talk about what companies are working together to bring you a complete decorating system and what is different today compared to years past. These are not the transfers most of us remember from the color copier days and you need to be up to speed on what is going on.

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How LED Color Toner Transfer Systems Have Reshaped Short Run Decoration – The New World of White Toner, Neon, Sublimation and More with OKI Data

History of OKI Data in this decorating space and what drew you guys to it.

  • Early start products
  • Their desire to help decorators because you saw they were not getting the best products for economical short-run decorating with earlier toner transfers.

Toners Transfers, or what people may wrongly consider Laser Transfer, I think that they really get a bad name based on what is was back in the 80s and 90’s coming off color laser copiers. Thick, Cracking, Didn’t wash well etc. That is no longer the case. What has changed and how have you guys been involved in that change?

  • LED v Laser – Why?
  • Single Pass White / Allowing for Better Paper
  • Designing Systems/ not just printers for decorators.

Tell us about the strategic partnerships that OKI has in place and what that means for the person using the products.

  • Back to OKI’s desire to help decorators. Put in place best practices and systems that all work together to provide the decorator with a system that consistently works.

New products in Long Beach recently at the ISS Show. Tell us about the Neon toners and anything else new people need to know about.

  • Details on Neon and the Markets it could serve
  • Sublimation
    • Better long-term solution, not just a replacement or a competitor to current sublimation systems
    • Regular Paper. You will not have to have a special sublimation paper.

I understand that these systems are going to be on display at the upcoming ISS Atlantic City event. What all do you have going on there that people should check out?

  • There will be a lot going on in Booth 937 and also with our partners.
  • Neenah Exo Stencil Product – Green Process
  • Forever No Weed University
  • Partnership with Great Dane Graphics

It seems as there are some folks out there now trying to copy what you are doing. How does OKI Data look at those imitators?

  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
  • Might look like and OKI, but it is not and won’t be covered by our service.
  • Why OKI is the leader in the market

Can you talk to us about the return on investment and what it takes to be profitable in the LED Toner transfer business?

  • Neon Example – In for $6-7 / sell for $20 easily!

Where can people find more information about Laser Transfer, the OKI Systems and what is going on at ISS Atlantic City next week?

Matt Davies – OKI Data
Has almost 40 years experience in the printing industry, all the way working in a function of new technology and market development. He has just finished up his 12th year at OKI Data, and he is currently the National Sales Director New Business Development. He has had many roles at Oki Data, but all of them in one way or another has been centered around developing new Markets and opportunities. Prior to Oki Data, Matt served 3 years as Director of Printer operations for Sharp Electronics, reporting to the President and before moving over to Sharp, he was the Vice President of North American Sales for Minolta Print Systems and was with Minolta for over 18 years. He started with them when they were known as QMS Printing Systems. He had several jobs ranging from Senior Director of National Field service to his last position as VP.

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