Legacy: Bringing Kids into the Business


We were ready to discuss the legacy of your business, specifically bringing your kids onboard to someday run the company. Our original guest had to cancel at the last minute so we called out to the #Regulators and they showed up in a big way. We are so grateful for all of the offers to help and through that, we were able to find several people to join us. They made lemonade out of lemons! We will have a discussion with Lauren Fraley and Erik Mickelson to get all sorts of perspectives on this meaningful topic.

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    Tell them goodbye and see if they say, “See ya later” or “Afterwhile”.

Legacy: Bringing Kids into the Business

Terry: Today we’ll welcome to the show Lauren Fraley and Erik Mickelson. Thanks for joining us today!

Let’s start with a little background on you and your business. Let’s start with Lauren… Erik

Terry: I’ve known business owners who gave their kids no choice than to join the team. What are your thoughts?

Aaron: We know some businesses in the industry who sent their kids out into the world before coming back to join the company. What are your thoughts?

Aaron: There’s always “owner’s kid syndrome” among other employees. How do you deal with that?

Aaron:  What is the biggest tip you can give folks who are on the side of the parent or elder trying to pass the company along to the next generation?

Terry: Lets get that same tip for the next generation wanting to take the baton.

Aaron: Lastly, let’s wrap up with a little bit about you guys specifically. What is new and good and where can people find and connect with you?

HogHead Designs – Lauren Fraley 
Northwest Custom Apparel – Erik Mickelson

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