Live Event Printing is Back


Max Hellman will join the 2 Regular Guys this week to talk about Live Event Printing. More decorators are considering this selling option with the world returning to normal. Max will share his experience and perspective on how it’s done. Max and his team at Family Industries are heavily invested in live event printing, from apps to processes, and Max is willing to share his knowledge with us. Join us to learn about a fun way to create for brands and events.

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Dad Joke

From Lee Wright of Printing United

​What do you call a psychic little person who escapes from jail

A small medium at large!

Live Event Printing

How did you find yourself in our industry?

How did you decide to go down the road of live event printing?
In the early years, it really started off as live screen printing on; but now its more swag/production customization.

Were you forced to take a full break during Covid? And how did you fill that space?
lots of swag boxes (tiktok, google etc) and virtual event activations (comic con w/ amazon etc, toyota and lollapolooza)

Describe your setup at an event. What do you bring?

What’s the trickiest element to printing at an event location? Weather? Power? Inventory?

Do you have any tips for our listeners who would like to do live events?

Reach out to Max Hellmann via his Website –


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