Live from DAX Kansas City


Aaron, Erich and Terry are all going to be live in person at the DAX Kansas City show. They will be sharing a recap of the day, talking about their seminars and workshops, and bringing you tips and tricks from the show. All with some adult beverages, so tune in for this lively and fun session. Plenty of questions and answers and you never know what nuggets will be shared.


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Dad Joke: Three conspiracy theorists walk into a bar

Don’t tell me that’s a coincidence

DAX Show Seminars

Since we were all three in classrooms today in KC, we thought it would be fun to talk about some of the questions and comments we get in seminars.

  • On YouTube they say…
  • Probing for information we’re not allowed to discuss
  • Your question is the perfect lead into my next slide
  • A question that stumps us
  • Totally off the subject questions
  • So, tell me the secret to…

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Five Things - Why Screen Printers Should Use Specialty Ink

From Terry Combs,

  1. It separates your competition – most just use standard plastisol
  2. It provides new options for your customers
  3. Showing what you can do improves your standing in the industry
  4. Opens you up to new opportunities for your own business
  5. The attention to detail required makes you a better decorator

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