March 6th, 2015 Show Notes – Spring Trade Show Review

March 6th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast.  This week, Aaron and Terry had a full slate of wonderful guests lined up to a full Spring Trade Show Review. We will talk to Tim Gibson from Next Level Apparel about the ISS Atlantic City show and some events they are sponsoring, Greg Kitson from Mind’s Eye Graphics about the recent MAGIC Show and SGIA’s involvement, Dave Pomeroy from the NBM Shows about their Orlando show and upcoming Arlington, TX show and Jeff Brown from ISS Shows about Long Beach and the upcoming Atlantic City event. Plus Aaron and Terry will discuss DAX and other great events going on around the industry.

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Spring Trade Show Review

  • Tim Gibson – Next Level Apparel
    • Booth # 1025 at ISS Atlantic City
    • ISS Atlantic City Happy Hour Sponsored by Next Level Apparel
    • Wounded Warrior Project
  • SGIA Webinar 52 Niche Markets this week
  • Wearable Magazine/ASI – Theresa Hegel – Over the phone consultation – Shop Shake-up with a screen printer/embroiderer/cut vinyl/bling decorator in Vegas
  • Greg Kitson talking SGIA / MAGIC
  • DAX Review
    • Saturday attendance
    • Our Live Show and preview of next two events
    • Drive home in snow
    • Upcoming shows at DAX Minnesota and Chicagoland
  • NNEP in Columbus Feb 20-21, checked in with our friend Meghan from Transfer Express. Good show but she felt the bitter cold weather may have kept some attendees away.
  • Dave Pomeroy of NBM to discuss Orlando and Arlington
  • Jeff Brown from ISS to Preview ISS Atlantic City
    • PPAI Expectations / Logistics

From the Chat Room:

GregKitson: Good morning

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration: Morning Greg!

GregKitson: Holding

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration: Got you there Greg!

alanhowe01: good morning every one

alanhowe01: Greg i do owe you a phone call

ErichCampbell: Good morning, all!

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration: Erich welcome in.

ErichCampbell: Happy to be able to make it and hear a bit about the trades, even if I never get to make it out there. 🙂

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration: Great to have you Erich.

AndreaBommarito: Hey Nerds! <– And I mean that in the most sincere way

ErichCampbell: Hey, Andrea! 🙂

alanhowe01: hi andrea, wow that is the first time i have ever been called that lol

GregKitson: what is this thing called RUBYLITH?

alanhowe01: ruby lith and aberlith  oh wow the way back machine

ErichCampbell: My employer still brags about his rubylith skills as well. 🙂 I’ve seen one piece of it, dusty, from the archives. 😉

alanhowe01: warmer in eastern michigan 18 degrees, wooohooo

alanhowe01: Erich  ..i am not sure cutting ruby is considered a skill  any more…more like a lost art.

ErichCampbell: I bet you could get a load of hits on YouTube with a video of someone hand-cutting ruby- I watch hand-letterers and sign painters all the time- I think you could get a ‘hipster’ screen print crowd. 😉

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration: I just dont look good in tight pants though Erich.

alanhowe01: Erich yea i am sure you could and we have some hippsters in Pittsburgh that still come and want Ruby , we still stock it one size.

alanhowe01: the amberlith has been discontinued by the manufacturer

alanhowe01: were did you get your piercing at Greg?

alanhowe01: in florida , camoflauged  among plastic pink flamingos

alanhowe01: hurray NBM !!!

alanhowe01: very weird i speak at ISS write for  NBM …is there something wrong with that ?

GregKitson: Can’t talk about Rubylith with talking about the job description, when a printer advertised for a Stripper it had nothing to do with poles.

alanhowe01: greg hahaha  thats awesome

alanhowe01: yea , it can not look Chinnsey, it has to look professional

alanhowe01: even screen printing equipment has to look well buit ,not thrown together in a garage

alanhowe01: but there has to be substance when the Box is opened

alanhowe01: LIE !!!!!!

alanhowe01: just kidding

AndreaBommarito: One of our favorite shows!

alanhowe01: yea its a good one

AndreaBommarito: Maybe they can squeeze in one more booth at Arlington…

alanhowe01: great location for Midwest part of the USA

AndreaBommarito: for our rhinestone machines (bling…)

alanhowe01: i hate him i dont even rember 77 degrees …oh yea had to go to long beach to see that

AndreaBommarito: We even increased our booth space for ISS 🙂

AndreaBommarito: Atlantic City

alanhowe01: yea we are co oping with workhorse and we have an Island

AndreaBommarito: Nice!

GregKitson: Repeat the ISS AC podcast time and location please

alanhowe01: always a great show

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration: Friday at 4PM Booth 336/337 for the Happy Hour and Podcast.


  1. ISS Atlantic City – 3/13 – 3/15
  2. ASI Long Beach – 3/25 -3/26
  3. DAX MN – 3/27 – 3/28

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