Mastering Online Sales


We are thrilled to have Lauren Kilgore, founder of Handmade University, join us as we dive into the realm of selling online and explore the strategies and insights that can empower small businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. Lauren will share her wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to navigate the intricacies of online sales from platforms like Etsy and more. We’ll discuss various aspects, including selecting the right platforms, optimizing product listings, leveraging social media, and implementing effective marketing tactics. Lauren’s practical tips and real-world experiences will provide valuable guidance for entrepreneurs looking to establish a strong online presence and drive sales. Join us for an engaging conversation with Lauren Kilgore as we unlock the secrets to effective online selling.

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Online Sales

Aaron: Welcome in! We got away from reading bios a while ago as we find it better to learn about our guests directly from them. Tell us a little about you and Handmade Sellers University.

Terry: Can you share some insights on the importance of establishing a strong online presence for small businesses in today’s digital landscape?

Aaron: I met you personally at an event where you were teaching people about Etsy. Talk to us about optimizing product listings to attract more customers and increase sales

Terry: What are some effective strategies for leveraging social media to drive traffic and sales to online stores?

Aaron: I know you are also very big into helping your students have the confidence to be successful. How can entrepreneurs effectively navigate the challenges of competition in the online marketplace?

Terry: What are some common mistakes you see small businesses make when selling online, and how can they be avoided?

Aaron: Tell us more about Handmade Sellers University, what is the latest there, and where people can go to find out more details and sign up. 

Terry: We try to leave our listeners with one last golden nugget when we can. Looking ahead, what trends or changes do you anticipate in the realm of online sales, and how can small businesses prepare and stay ahead of the curve?