Navigating New Entrants: Embracing Innovation or Protecting Tradition?


Join us on the next episode as Terry and Aaron debate new people coming into the market. With the rise of accessible technology and DIY solutions, the landscape of the crafting and decoration industry is rapidly evolving.  The line becomes more gray and there are concerns from established professionals. Are those concerns justified, or should we embrace the influx of new talent and innovation? From Epson’s entry into the DTG market to the impact of “Cricut Moms” on traditional decorators, we’ll explore the dynamics of competition, adaptation, and the evolving definition of professionalism in the industry. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging market trends.

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Dad Joke

Terry: I’ve opened a gym where the instructors go door to door to tell people about the benefits of joining.

I call it Jehovah’s Fitness

Embracing Innovation or Protecting Tradition?

Is there a difference between a crafter and a maker?

  • One source said, “There’s more glue involved in crafting.”

Are there distinct categories?

  • Crafter
  • Maker
  • Side gig, part-time business
  • Starting small or part-time with the intention of future full-time business

Why do some “professional” decorators fear the “Cricut Mom”? (Let’s not forget the Cricut Warrior)

  • Fear of more competition
    • Your issue isn’t the competition if that’s the case
  • Fear of bottom-feeder pricing from these competitors
  • Muddying the water with sub-par decorating souring the buyers
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From the vendor perspective – equipment, garments, supplies – what are the drawbacks and benefits? Why the sudden interest from that sector?

  • A whole new group of potential buyers
  • From the vendor side, becoming aware of an untapped market
  • The potential for more hand-holding than with the current customer base
  • How to find them… not from your current customer list

What are the benefits to the industry from the crafter/maker?

  • New ideas are always a plus
  • Fall in love with the industry and make the transition to “professional”

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