New Niche Markets to Boost 2019


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. As regular listeners know, we are huge fans of Niche Marketing. This week Terry and Aaron are back to give you some great ideas for Niche Markets that might be profitable for your business. Even if those niche markets don’t fit for you, your creative juices will be flowing and you can learn how to find a fit for you. Plus we have a big announcement from our show producer, Erich Campbell. It is a jam-packed show so don’t miss it.

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  • American & Efird (A&E) announced a collaborative agreement with Applied DNA Sciences Inc. to develop sewing thread using CertainT anti-counterfeiting technology.  “The CertainT program is an innovative solution for brands and retailers in their supply chain,” says Les Miller, CEO, A&E. “A&E and Applied DNA Sciences together are creating new security applications for sewing thread benefitting from revolutionary SigNature®T DNA and Beacon® technology. Our customers are increasingly more vigilant and security minded. DNA technology can protect a wide range of products, from luxury consumer brands to industrial applications where integrity of components is mission critical. We are excited to be collaborating with Applied DNA Sciences and developing cutting-edge technology solutions for our customers.”

  • Patrick Mahomes debuts new apparel line – The popularity of Patrick Mahomes II looks to be never-ending and it seems clothing retailers are catching on. Mahomes tweeted, Tuesday night, a link to the new official clothing website that carries all types of Mahomes apparel. The online retail store,, has apparel for men, women and kids, along with hats and links to other Mahomes-related news. The clothes, focused on the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and former Texas Tech Red Raider, is mainly t-shirts and hoodies.

New Niche Markets to Boost 2019

A conversation about niche markets in general and why they’re important. The downward tilt of order quantities in today’s marketplace.

New and growing businesses to service

  • Cannabis Dispensaries

Aaron: Specific Dog/Pet Breed – Live it and own the space (Bring Up Corgi Things Website) Corgi Things – Her dog is queen Lucy. She runs the company and is the star. Started as an illustration of Corgi that is the center of everything. Towels, Blankets, Yoga Mats, Lunch Totes, Stickers, Holiday Stockings, Ties, Etc. Etc. Is so successful that she is getting knocked off a ton especially on Amazon.

Terry: Subscription Boxes – sustainable clothing and specific causes and charities

    • Justin Lawrence at Oklahoma Shirt Company

Aaron: Shovels to Gold Miners

Terry: Online Opportunities:

  • Platform-specific Social Media Marketing Influencers (larger personalities & brands on Twitter or Instagram)
  • Social Media Influencer quotes
  • Internet Memes
  • YouTube Channel Personalities
  • E-games
  • E-game personalities
  • E-Game teams (just like your high school football team… except nerds watching other nerds play a game)

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