ThreadX and Niche Markets


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Today we’ll be talking Niche Markets, REGGIE Awards, and we’ll start with a conversation on SGIA’s ThreadX with guests Greg Kitson from Mind’s Eye Graphics and Sarah Perkins from SGIA.

Sponsored by: SGIA.orgThreadX – Palm Springs, CA February 25-28, 2018

ThreadX18What is THREADX? A new conference from SGIA that takes a high-level view of e-commerce, consumer trends, branding and more with speakers including Johnny Cupcakes and Tim Williams.

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Niche Markets

Corporate Events

A new market that’s been developing for a few years for DTG operators is setting up at a corp event, taking pics in front of a backdrop, and each guest takes home a t-shirt at the end.

Hedgehog Rescue

Everyone has a passion out there. Tying your business and your niche market to it makes the process easier because of your market knowledge and more fun. From Erich in the chat. “Promoting as an insider; people can see how genuine you are.

Shirt of the Month

Justin Lawrence from Oklahoma Shirt Company. This niche came up during an interview and I think it bears repeating.

Schools, but doing a Better Job

My daughter is a Junior at a local Scottsdale HS and she was telling me about her experience getting her school shirt for the year. I’ve talked to printers during seminars who just do a better job! An idea doesn’t have to be unique, you just have to do it better.

Taking it on the Road

I met a couple in Charlotte who basically said to me, “We want to take it on the road. Can we do that with your machine?” Their daughter is in competitive cheer and they wanted to combine a business with their regular travels. My response was, “Why not?” Do you travel for your kids’ events, or maybe travel for your own events like car shows, competition shooting, or a million other passions.

Partnering with Radio Stations

Talking to a screen printer recently who talked about all the business introductions he got by doing shirts for a local radio station. Special broadcast events and backstage passes were just as important to this printer as the trade of shirts of advertising.

20 Ideas

Sit down and make a list of 20 unique concepts or places for selling garments. Don’t stop until you write 20 ideas, without judging the quality of your list.

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration Chat Room

Erich Campbell: Good morning, guys! 🙂

2 Regular Guys: Welcome in Erich!

Erich Campbell: Can’t wait to hear more on the topics today! Been so busy, I couldn’t be live for a bit. 🙂

Erich Campbell: Always promoting! 😉

2 Regular Guys: Glad you got here today!

Erich Campbell: ThreadX sounds like a great idea. I hope I can make it! I think I’ll be hot off a flight from DAX. 😉

Erich Campbell: Value propositions; so important for folks to know. I’ve been trying (as you folks know from our episode) to stress pricing and value to embroiderers this year.

2 Regular Guys: Erich – You should come on the 2 Regular Guys road trip. We are going to fly from DAX to PHX and drive out. Will be a blast.

Erich Campbell: DUDE. If you mean that … 😉

2 Regular Guys: Absolutely!!!

Erich Campbell: Seriously keep me in the loop; that’s a really awesome idea. I want to do that.

Erich Campbell: After hours bar conference, never happened. 😉

Erich Campbell: I hope to meet up there; that sounds like exactly what the industry needs. 🙂 Gotta make plans now! Need to do a consult in Palm Beach. 😉 hehehehe

Erich Campbell: Reggies time! If anyone liked my pricing episode. . . 😉

Erich Campbell: I’ll definitely be seeing you guys at ISS LB! Speaking this year, too!

2 Regular Guys: Wahoo!

Erich Campbell: That’s a fantastic idea for a category, guys. That’s really exciting. Good ambassadors educate and promote our industry and increase our profile, making it easier to sell with a higher value proposition. It’s great.

2 Regular Guys: Get those nominations in – Please share that page with everyone.

Erich Campbell: Terry is bringing the fire; you end up promoting as an insider; people can see how genuine you are.

Erich Campbell: I think it’s a great way for people who don’t feel like ‘salespeople’ top start selling. Besides, if you believe in your products, you are giving folks a recommendation for something you legitimately think is valuable.

Erich Campbell: Coopetition can make all of us more viable; if one person proves the model and gets consumers excited, you can take the concept and tweak it, and point to the original as a proof of concept. 🙂 Convenience = Value = better selling proposition

Erich Campbell: Absolutely- my wife is a runner and they are so inconsistent!

Erich Campbell: Heck, provide staff for pick up day and advertise!!!

Erich Campbell: In the embroidery world, we flip them inside out. 🙂

Erich Campbell: 5 things time! #5- totally true.

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