Niche Markets in 2023


Discussing Niche Markets has been a staple of 2 Regular Guys in the past. Terry and Aaron will be discussing some of the more unique and unusual niche markets. And they’ll be asking the Regulators for their thoughts and examples as well. Tune in this Friday to talk about Niche Markets in 2023 and get the creative juices flowing so you can find the right niche for you.

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Dad Joke

Why do Swedish warships have barcodes on them?

So when they dock they can Scandinavian (Scan the navy in)

Apparel Niche Markets

Why niche markets?

  • Focus your marketing, focus your products, be the “go to” expert in that marketplace
  • What’s your passion?

Create a niche from your own experiences

People will pay a premium for what they’re passionate about

Home brewers (Example)

  • The weirdest one – Hit a deer, get a t-shirt
  • Maybe they don’t know they’re in the market – National Corn Growers Association 

“Do they have hats?”

  • Shirts teams wear under their uniforms
  • Military
  • Rock bands
  • Ice cream and whale watching
  • Charter fishing
  • Gymnastics, cheer, dance events
  • County race track
  • Forest fires
  • Cheerleading fundraiser
  • Content Creators