Niche Markets, Now More than Ever


Aaron and Terry have always been advocates of focused niche markets. In today’s business environment, this is more important than ever. The 2 Regular Guys will discuss Niche Markets with a few examples to help you find your own. Plus a friend of the show, Cheryl Kucheck of the Sublimation Summit, is going to stop by and give us the latest on their virtual summit coming up in March. Tune in for a great sublimation chat and lots of creative niche market ideas.

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Aaron: DAX Chicagoland has moved to August 27-28. While Scott and Margie had high hopes of bringing the first show in the industry in over a year this April, the government has contracted the Tinley Park Convention Center to be used as a COVID vaccination center through the end of March. The management of the convention center expects that the government will renew the contract at least through the end of April, which would force us out. Convention center management of the facility has requested the DAX Show reschedule.

Terry: The Association for Creative Industries (AFCI) has announced the winners of its Hall of Fame Award, Special Recognition Award, Industry Achievement Award, Brick and Mortar Retailer Award, Meritorious Award of Honor, and Emerging Leaders Awards recognizing excellence in industry service and philanthropy. These individuals will be recognized at Creativation+, featuring Art Materials World, taking place virtually March 15-19, 2021.

The Hall of Fame Award Inductees are pioneers who have made extraordinary contributions leading to the growth and success of their organizations and the creative arts industry. This year’s inductees are:

  • John Bergquist, Help Heal Veterans
  • Jan Carr, former COO & VP Sales Clover Products
  • Cindy Groom Harry, former CEO Craft Marketing Connection, former AFCI Board Member
  • Jerry Honemann, Ben Franklin Stores, former HIA Chairman

Read more about these and all the award winners at:

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Everyone knows you can’t open Windows in space!

Niche Markets, Now More than Ever

Niche Markets, why should we pursue them Now More than Ever?

What’s changed with Niche Marketing over the past year?

Just hanging out your shingle as a generic decorator is harder today to attract customers with so much business being done virtually.

Aaron: The other change, Pete Lovelace actually talked about a couple of weeks back, Our industry is becoming more about fulfillment and less about decorating.

Niche concepts…

Care packages from businesses to key customers (credit Jay Busselle)

  • Thinking of you in trying times
  • You do the whole package and drop ship
  • A shirt, a mug, a mask… be creative and offer a selection of packages

Company event packages

  • For example, remote sales meetings
  • Company holiday parties

Aaron: Green / Renewable Energy

  • The use of hemp products / garments
  • Sustainability as a marketing tool – Fed by Threads

Holiday/Event dropship packages

  • Mother’s day/Father’s day/Birthdays

Hyper focused Niche

  • 3 decorators who do only pillowcases
  • Exclusive Newborn decorators. Swaddles, Crib Sheets, blankets, onesies, etc.
  • Socks

Aaron: Education

  • More and more online classes, how do they create that connection with their students
  • Create New Student Packages similar to the Company event packages

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5 Things to Get A Great DTG Print!

  1. Good art… 300dpi saved at full size
  2. The ideal shirt… 100% ringspun combed cotton
  3. Properly pretreat your shirts… most people do it wrong
  4. 40%+ humidity in the room at all times
  5. Good quality heat press on DTG specific conveyor dryer

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