October 4th, 2013 Show Notes – Niche Markets in Our Industry Part 3

Finding a Targeted NicheOctober 4th Show Audio

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast from October 4th where we will go over some more Niche Markets in our Industry.

Terry: Heading to Phoenix for screen printing class this afternoon. Also shout out to our buddy Stefan listening in Mauritius.

Aaron: Recap of the ISS fort Worth Show. Very busy with lots of positive comments. GSG had their cheer and Ryonet held an auction.

Niche Markets Part 3

1) Police and Fire Departments
An Ohio Highway patrolman walked into my shop and asked if I could print black front caps with black bills, silver backs and silver lettering. Since I was printing flat panels and having the caps constructed after printing, I could print anything they wanted.

Reminder from Erich Campbell – Don’t forget about embroidered caps. 

2) Forest Fires
Here’s one of the most unusual niche markets I’ve run across over the years. On two separate occasions, I’ve had students attend my training classes who follow forest fires… professionally.

3) Current Events
While listening to a sports program on the radio once, I heard a college basketball coach say that his team had somehow been saddled with the undeserved reputation of being the “bad boys of the conference”. He went on to say he should just sew a skull and crossed bones on their uniforms.

Per Kristine of EnMart – Don’t forget the embroidery patches. (Erich: Patches are a non-sized item you can sell at events)

4) Ethnic Pride
Whether selling German Pride shirts at Oktoberfest in Columbus, Ohio (and any day of the week in the German Village section of Columbus), to Mexican Pride during the most recent political events in downtown Phoenix, ethnic pride is a salable subject for T-shirts.

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Other News/Events


  • SGIA Expo (Orlando) – October 23rd to 25th

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