Non-Decoration Skills that Matter for Decorators


Not only is he an incredible producer and digitizing master, but he is also an educator that understands the big picture of being in the garment decorating community. We invite Erich Campbell to talk about the intangibles we found that made the most difference in making decorators successful. Decorators come from many different backgrounds, and those differences often end up as strengths in their business and creative lives. Our industry has created tons of wonderful education about tangible skills, but what about business fundamentals and soft skills? How can decorators’ community members enhance their skills to grow this part of their skill set?


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Non-Decoration Skills that Matter

Aaron: Erich Campbell is an award-winning machine embroidery digitizer and designer, frequently contributing to embroidery industry resources, including hosting his weekly show ‘The Takeup.’ Erich has done many jobs in the industry, from creating and managing eCommerce properties to social media and marketing to establishing and managing relationships between vendors and industry businesses. Erich is an evangelist for the craft, a stitch-obsessed embroidery believer, and firmly holds to constant, lifelong learning and the free exchange of technique and experience through conversations with his fellow embroiderers. He’s also the producer and a frequent contributor to the popular 2 Regular Guys podcast, lending his unique embroidery experience to the mix.

Terry: Today we want to talk about some of the areas that don’t get as much press as the nuts and bolts training that is out there. How to digitize, how to print, and hoop, etc. That education area has blossomed in the last 10 to 20 years, but what about the skills business owners need to operate their business. 99% of decorators don’t come out of business school to start their businesses. So let’s first talk about that diversity. I am armed with my degree in journalism. Erich, your degree is not in embroidery. Talk to us about the different backgrounds decorators often come from and end up as strengths in their business and creative lives.

Aaron: Since we have you with us, Erich, we can try new things and know we won’t break anything, So let’s try a bit of a new discussion method. Terry and I will throw out some discussion areas to you Erich, and if you can help us break down the non-decorations skills we see businesses must enhance or add to their skill set. We can maybe even talk about how they can do that too. Not saying this might end up being a 2 or 3 part show, but the likelihood is real… Ready? I’ll start. 

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