Non-Decoration Skills that Matter to Decorators – Part 3


We’re back for Part 3 of our discussion with Erich Campbell about one of his favorite topics, Non-Decoration Skills that matter to Decorators. Erich will add the title “guest” to his show producer duties this Friday as we talk about a wide array of skills required to run your business beyond decorating garments. Part 3 will be focused on business and production management. Join in with your questions and comments on this important topic.

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Dad Joke

A sweater I purchased was picking up static electricity, so I returned it to the store

They gave me another one free of charge.

Non-Decoration Skills

Aaron: Erich Campbell is an award-winning machine embroidery digitizer and designer, frequently contributing to embroidery industry resources, including hosting his weekly show ‘The Takeup’. Erich has done many jobs in the industry from creating and managing eCommerce properties, to social media and marketing, to establishing and managing relationships between vendors and industry businesses. Erich is an evangelist for the craft, a stitch-obsessed embroidery believer, and firmly holds to constant, lifelong learning and the free exchange of technique and experience through conversations with his fellow embroiderers. He’s also the producer and a frequent contributor to the popular 2 Regular Guys podcast, lending his unique embroidery experience to the mix.

Terry: Today, we want to carry on from our parts 1 and 2 episodes where we covered  5 of our 9 stated topics; that said I think we may want to catch people up. What top takeaways from episode #2 that you think we should keep in mind?

Aaron: Let’s start with our last four categories, which deal with management and efficiency.

Some discussion areas:

  1. Management of your business 
  2. Management of your staff
  3. Day-to-day operations
  4. Efficiency


If you would like to present your 5 Things, five quick points on any subject, whether it be advice or five instructional steps, we would love to hear from you. You can come on the show and present them yourself, or we will share your list with our listeners or even play a recorded video of you sharing 5 things. Whatever is easiest.