On The Road – APA Expo, DAX KC, and ThreadX Recap


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. After a wonderful stretch of being out on the road meeting the #Regulators face to face the 2 Regular Guys are back home and are ready to share what they learned. We are going to also be joined by Clay Barbera of www.coreltrainer.com to share his thoughts as well as answer your CorelDraw questions. Join us Friday to get some nuggets from the Awards and Personalization Expo, DAX Kansas City, and ThreadX included some snips of recorded interviews along the way.

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Dad Joke: Wanna hear a joke about paper? Nevermind, it is tearable!

On The Road

Terry: Thanks again to the Impressions Expo. Before we bring in Clay, just quickly tell us about the APA Expo you attended in Las Vegas. 

Aaron: Great Sessions, Lunch with Joseph Tovar of Synergy 17, Got to meet Jan Calahan face to face and dinner with Cheryl Kuchek. Also, shout out to Jimmy Lamb and Lisa Elston for the fun sublimation panel. The only regret was letting them tell people to dip the mugs in water. I’m not a big fan of that.

Aaron: Let’s welcome back to the show Clay Barbera with Corel Trainer.

Aaron: Clay, let’s start with your impressions of the first DAX Show of 2020 in Kansas City.

Terry: Your trade-show booth is set up differently than most, can you tell us about that?

Aaron: So let talk a little CorelDraw here. What is the #1 Question you get and what is the answer you give?

Terry: How was Kansas City’s reaction to your new Training Software?

Aaron: What other shows is Corel Trainer planning on exhibiting at?

Aaron: We’ve talked before, off-camera, about your different sort-of philosophy when it comes to Training People in our Industry. Why don’t you share with listeners what you mean when you say stuff like “happy to help” and “Anytime Answers”.

Terry: Did you ever come sit on the blow-up sofa?

Terry: How can people get ahold of you or sign up for your training program?

Our ThreadX comments and snippets of interviews…

  • Jay Baer – Complaints taking them personal
  • Peter Lovelace – Circle Community Question
  • Victor – What did you want people to take from your presentation

Aaron: More from all three of those folks, plus an interview with Kyler. He is a Skills USA kid. Tell us a little bit about him Terry.

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