Pitfalls to Avoid as a Startup Decorator


Aaron will join the show from Charlotte, where he is the emcee for the START HERE Academy at Graphics Pro Expo. What better time for the 2 Regular Guys to discuss the pitfalls to avoid when starting a decorating business? Terry and Aaron have personally experienced and been witness to many startup businesses and the recurring pitfalls and issues that can arise. We’ll be looking for comments and recommendations from the Regulators this week.

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Dad Joke

Did you know that T-Shirt is actually short for Tyrannosaurus Shirt?

Yep, because of the short arms.

Startup Decorator

Aaron: Every business starts with an idea and a hope for success. But the realities of running a business can be eye-opening for the new entrepreneur. Today we hope to relieve some pain by talking about common pitfalls for a new business.

The legal stuff

Filling in the gaps – If you’re a great artist, you might not be great at selling, etc.

Pricing your products

Knowing your overhead… How much does it really cost you to make an item… and pay for the lights?

Knowing how much actual production time you really have… if you’re wearing all the hats

5 Habits Crucial for Home-Based Business People

By Erich Campbell

  1. Set a public schedule.
  2. Set a private schedule.
  3. Create professional space.
  4. Set boundaries.
  5. Own your professionalism.


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