Planning for 2023


Break out your junior yellow legal pad or Google Docs, and let’s do some planning for success. It’s time for another annual 2 Regular Guys tradition. PLANNING for the new year. 2023 is going to be a great year for the Decorators Community as we all continue to get better at this “new normal.” Aaron and Terry will break down how they plan for the next year, and we are excited to discuss with the #Regulators what the future will hold. It’s GO Time!

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Planning for 2023

Previous Year – 2022

Aaron: Have a Process 

Aaron: What are the metrics you will be used to track your progress in 2022

Aaron: Set clear goals that include how much and by when

Terry: Look at the changes your business went through during the 2021 version of the Covid year, and determine which you want to keep

Terry: Equipment purchases in 2022 – Lead times are real and not going away

Terry: Follow through… with customers, with employees, with your personal plans…

Planning for 2023

Terry: Do you know your brand?

  • And if you do, is it the brand you want?
  • Here’s what it’s not…
  • Your brand is not your logo
  • Your brand is not “Hey, look at me!”
  • Your brand is not a mission statement
  • So what is your brand?
  • Your brand is your promise
  • Brand is about relationships
  • What can they expect from you?
  • What separates you?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Your brand is who you are… who you want to be… who people perceive you to be

Aaron: Love that you brought up branding. Clarity on who you are and who you service is so important.

  • What customers did you enjoy working with?
  • What customers need to go elsewhere
  • When you try to be all things to everybody, you end up being nothing to no one.

Erich: Review & Forecast FURTHER OUT than you think you should

Terry: In 2023, become an expert at what you do

  • Every expert has a beginning
  • What 1 task or technique would you like to be better at in 2023
  • Lay out a plan for weekly efforts in that area
    • Reading up on the subject
    • Set aside time to experiment

Aaron: Systems

  • Business needs to be a system. Things you can repeat
  • Automate – What are you doing over and over?
    • Stop going it alone.

Erich: Learn to ‘Prune’ & Understand ‘Fitness’

Terry: Plan to become the “go to” decorator in your area… in your marketplace

  • Do good work and deliver on time!
  • This is the true secret to success
  • You can compete with anyone large or small if you do good work…
  • Make it easy to buy from you
  • It’s often not about price
  • Most customers are not professional buyers
  • Innovate – try something new
  • Specialty inks, vinyl, thread, techniques

If there is time LOL – Talk about having clarity of goal, mission, and why. Planning is so much more accurate with those things in mind. Also, trust your gut.


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