Practices and Techniques to Help Businesses Grow


Scott Ritter, most of our listeners know from the DAX Show, is a long-time business management expert. He’ll be joining Aaron and Terry to discuss practices and techniques to better manage your own business. Plus he has a free gift to share with all the #Regulators at the end. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a long-time industry veteran and author of “The Skirik’s Lair” which is scheduled as a free Kindle giveaway from February 26th to the 28th.

Our regular listeners know this, but 2 Regular Guys are all about garment decorating, a bit of fun, and no rants or lectures or selling. We are not doing this for our employers, but rather for our industry. Since February 2013, The 2 Regular Guys have been the first and the most listened to garment decorating industry podcast on this planet! We are humbled by all of you tuning in each week. We work hard to bring you information that will make your business better, and our industry better. Take a look at our incredible weekly guest list and you’ll understand where this industry goes for news, interviews, and the heartbeat of garment decorating. Thanks for listening!


  • BREAKING NEWS -“Empowering Mindset Masterclass” Workshop on April 30th, 2021. You can find more details at In the workshop, you will get a full presentation of the #1 Success Principle – Taking 100% Responsibility. There will be several worksheet-style exercises, meditations, and yoga practices to empower you to put the principles to work. The workshop will be online on zoom and is limited to 30 people to create a safe place and have a personalized experience for everyone.
  • M&R Printing Equipment, Inc. announces the first-annual 2021 Digital Squeegee Awards competition which is a year-long celebration of garment decorators who excel at hybrid printing on the DS-4000 DIGITAL SQUEEGEE Hybrid Printing System. This award contest is open to any printing company in the United States that produces hybrid prints using an M&R DIGITAL SQUEEGEE. Throughout 2021, M&R will present eight awards—two awards per quarter—in recognition of the best hybrid screen-printing techniques by garment decorators, as decided by a panel of artwork judges. The two Digital Squeegee Awards are the “DS Innovators Award” and the “DS Production Skills Award.”

Dad Joke: I have a Russian friend who’s a sound engineer. 

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Practices and Techniques to Help Businesses Grow

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5 Things I've (Kristine Shreve) learned from the Women + Business Podcast

  1. There is no one story for all women –  The stories that women on the show have told are as different as the women themselves.  Just like there’s no single story that sums up the male experience, there’s no single story that women tell.
  2. Many women are braver than they know –  Women have shared very personal stories on the show.   I’ve also seen several women who were a bit nervous about doing the show shine when the moment came.  It’s been amazing.
  3. Sharing painful experiences can help others understand – Some of the stories that have been told were painful and hard to discuss. The women telling them were willing to share in order to help others learn from what had happened to them.
  4. I like asking questions more than I like answering them – Those of you who know me know I talk – a lot. I was surprised to find that I liked doing research and figuring out the right questions to ask more than I liked being the subject of the interview.  Seeing someone realize something they hadn’t known before because of a question I asked is the best.
  5. Women business owners are passionate about the industry –  I already knew this,  in theory,  but the show has driven this home.  Women care about contributing to the industry and making it better for everyone. They spend a lot of time and thought on what is the best way to do that.

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