Prepress, Preparation, and Process for Screen Printers


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. We welcome back to the show Tiffany Rader Spitzer. With her vast knowledge of screen printing, we could not wait to get her back on to share what she knows about prepress, planning, preparation and more. She helps us understand good techniques for documenting, planning and proper prepress. It’s a great conversation with a knowledgeable screen printer that you don’t want to miss.

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  • Cotton Promo, of Los Angeles, has developed a newly patented process that produces high-definition images with long-lasting vibrancy on 100% cotton fabrics, including black. The new process features a patented coating that is first applied onto the garment, which then allows the sublimation dyes to adhere when heat-pressed.

  • Michigan nonprofit I Give a Shirt Inc. launched an apparel campaign on March 1 to combat homelessness, one shirt at a time. “I Give a Shirt” features a different limited-edition T-shirt design each month, with all proceeds going toward a different cause. For March, the nonprofit is taking on homelessness.  For more information on I Give a Shirt, visit

Prepress, Preparation, and Process for Screen Printers

  • Start off by discussing “keeping track”, specifically about documentation in a screen printing shop. And how this relates to other types of decorating methods as well.
  • Many people tend to focus on the printing portion of the process, but also highlight the importance of prepress. Share your thoughts with our listeners.
  • What sort of systems does she think are useful for recording this information? Does she have recommendations for how this information is stored and retrieved?
  • Is there one critical step you see being missed by most shops? What’s the one ‘sleeper’ step you think people miss that would improve their pre-press?
  • We talk a lot about employees on 2RG’s. Let’s have a conversation about managing your staff. Process over People!
  • We are huge advocates of education and spreading the news. Tell us about your outreach to young printers.
  • Let’s stay on education and talk about industry and business education opportunities including your feelings on trade shows and similar events.
  • For someone just visiting their first trade show, what can they do to be ready to get the most out of their trip?

Tiffany Rader Spitzer– She is a former special effect screenprint contract print shop owner of the Allusive Butterfly. She is currently a speaker and consultant through her company RedHeaded Step Shirt as well as the Operations and Technical Products Manager for Roeder Industries, a Florida based garment screen print supply distributor. She is a Member of the SGIA Women in Print Counsel and the SGIA Sustainability, Safety, Health, and Personnel Counsel. 
Roeder Industries : 407-722-8700

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