The Print-on-Demand Market


Travis Ross will be joining the 2 Regular Guys on Friday. In 2017, Travis began experimenting with Print on Demand and now owns and operates Make Your Mark Design – a full-service POD fulfillment service. We’ll talk about POD opportunities and how our listeners can take advantage of this segment of the decorating marketplace. Special thanks to Christopher Kretz of Kretz Family Designs for suggesting and connecting us with Travis. We truly are run by the #Regulators and are so grateful.

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The Print on Demand Market

Travis Ross has always had the entrepreneurial bug, but early in his career could never find the perfect fit. After being laid off in 2015, he jumped head first into selling physical products on Amazon using arbitrage, wholesale, and private label, as well as launching the Rocky Mountain Reseller Conference in Denver. In 2017, he began experimenting with Print on Demand and now owns and operates Make Your Mark Design – a full service POD fulfillment service with 5 different printing methods. He also co-hosts the Print On Demand Cast each week with Josiah Sifuentes and has spoken at different events about the Print On Demand industry. Travis currently lives just north of Denver, CO with his wife and five children.

Terry: What got you into the print on demand industry?

Aaron: Where do you currently sell your products?

Terry What other ways are you involved in the POD industry?

Aaron: What are the different ways business owners (and aspiring business owners) can take advantage of print on demand?

Terry: How can existing printers leverage their current equipment and skills by using a POD model?

Aaron: Are there any pitfalls that people should avoid as they begin down this path?

Terry: In your opinion, what does the future hold for POD?

Aaron: Travis, how can our listeners find you?

Print On Demand Cast (PODCast)

Make Your Mark Design


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