Printing United is on the Horizon in Vegas


Friend of the show Josh Carruth with Printing United will be joining the 2 Regular Guys this Friday. Josh will share all the details about the upcoming Expo in Las Vegas on October 19-21. We will talk about the education, the live activations, and all the secrets we can squeeze out of him. ADN Josh tells us that he’ll tell our listeners about other exciting events from Printing United Alliance. Tune in and learn how the convergence of all the print worlds in one location is important for your business.

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Dad Joke

From Lewis Montgomery

Why don’t you want twin witches?

How would you know which witch is which?

Printing United Expo

Aaron: First question. We know the expo is going to be in Las Vegas. So is it true, what happens in… Kidding. Seriously though, Josh, we have been hearing lots of great things about the Expo, including the return of some vendors that might have been absent in the past. Can you give us any details on that?

Erich: Josh, while you are sharing, can you also share details about education at the Expo with the Regulators?

Aaron: Speaking of education, I have heard little bits and pieces about the Apparel Zone. Thomas, can you talk more about the details of what people can expect?

Erich: Future State Theater – What is that all about? We would love to get perspectives from most of you. Cassie?

Aaron: Jed, Brett, and Thomas – Can you guys switch hats for me quickly? As decorators and members who don’t work for Printing United, tell us what you are excited about personally. Why do you feel this is a must-attend event?

{Let Jed, Brett and Thomas go}

Erich: Josh and Cassie, anything we missed regarding the expo? We are an apparel decorators show with a sublimation/vinyl guy in Aaron, a missing host who is a screen and DTG/DTF guy, and myself as an embroiderer. How does the Expo help us look at what’s next and the bigger world we are a part of?

Aaron: Let’s also share with our listeners some details about the wider world of Printing United Alliance outside of just the Expo. Cassie is here representing the Apparalist, and I love seeing her as the face of the newsletter. Give us the scoop on that.

Erich: The word convergence has been used back to the first ThreadX event. How should our larger marketplace segment view our interest in what we do as a craft?

Aaron: You all have been crazy busy with the Expo and loads of other things you have your fingers in. Then we saw an announcement about an event in Nashville. Give us the full details.

Aaron: We are all about education here. With the Apparelist and everything else going on at Printing United, what are some of the most requested topics people are looking for education on?

Erich: What can people go to learn more about everything we talked about, and how can they connect with you two?

Five Keys to a Good Marketing Plan

By Aaron Montgomery of Our Success Group

  1. Thoroughly Define your IDEAL Customer
  2. Have clarity and confidence in your Brand/Personality and Values.
  3. Pick your best strategy, not just anything that works for someone else.
  4. Set the plan without overthinking it. Planning is best based on instinct.
  5. Implement and evaluate. Start taking ACTION as soon as possible and evaluate and improve daily.


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