Promo for the Planet: Exploring ASI Media’s Sustainability Initiative


Join the 2 Regular Guys this week as they welcome Theresa Hegel from ASI, a leading media company in the promotional products industry. Theresa launched the “Promo for the Planet” initiative last year on Earth Day, aiming to provide comprehensive sustainability news coverage and education. ASI has since published over 160 articles covering a wide range of sustainability topics. Additionally, they recently unveiled the Do-Gooders Directory, a valuable resource showcasing the givebacks and corporate social responsibility initiatives of promotional product suppliers and distributors. Don’t miss this timely conversation as they delve into the importance of sustainability in the industry and discuss ASI’s efforts to drive positive change.

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Promo for the Planet

Aaron: Welcome back to the 2 Regular Guys. We in the past have had you on to talk about ASI’s State of the Industry report, and we definitely need to do that too, but you shared a cool program you all released last year, and are so excited to talk to you about that. Share with our listeners a little about you, ASI, and the Promo for the Planet initiative.

Terry: Can you share some insights on why sustainability is not just a trend but a long-term commitment in the promotional products industry?

Aaron: For companies that are just beginning their sustainability journey, what initial steps can they take to measure and reduce their environmental impact?

Terry: The concept of the circular economy is gaining momentum in various industries. How do you envision its role and impact specifically within the promotional products industry in the months and years to come?

Aaron: Could you provide examples of how the circular economy principles can be applied to the promotional products supply chain, and the benefits it can bring to businesses and the environment?

Terry: As sustainability gains traction, greenwashing can become a concern. How can industry professionals and buyers navigate through claims and identify genuine sustainability efforts?

Aaron: What are some telltale signs of greenwashing that promotional products buyers should be aware of?

Terry: In your experience, what are some effective ways for businesses to vet suppliers and distributors to ensure their sustainability claims align with their actual practices?

Aaron: Can you tell us more about the Do-Gooders portion of your initiative?

Aaron: Can you share success stories or case studies where companies in the promotional products industry have successfully integrated sustainability into their core business strategies, resulting in positive environmental impact?

Terry: How can people find out more, and connect with you?