Promo Kitchen Megacast – Podcasting 101 and More


Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. On this week’s show, we are teaming up with the folks over at Promo Kitchen to bring you a Megacast to discuss all things podcasting. We are going to be joined by Marshall Atkinson and Mark Graham to discuss with them the why, how and what of podcasting. What does it do for your business, how do you get started and what it takes to get it out to the world. This is a great episode to join live so you can ask questions you have about podcasting. Also be sure to check out the simulcast and other great shows offered over at

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Our regular listeners know this, but 2 Regular Guys are all about garment decorating, a bit of fun, and no rants or lectures or selling. We are not doing this for our employers, but rather for our industry. For the past 4 years, 2 Regular Guys have been the first and the most listened to garment decorating industry podcast on this planet! We are humbled by all of you tuning in each week. We work hard to bring you information that will make your business better, and our industry better. Take a look at our incredible weekly guest list and you’ll understand where this industry goes for news, interviews and the heartbeat of garment decorating. Thanks for listening!!

News Items

  • Transfer Express hosts a Feb. 9 webinar to unveil a new website. The hour-long session provides attendees with a tour of the redesigned site and offers advice on how to improve and streamline business operations. Part of the unveiling features a walkthrough of the website’s Easy View design platform, now fully optimized for mobile devices. The session also covers how to use advanced search filters to explore the website’s content. The free webinar takes place Feb. 9 from 2–3 p.m.

Podcasting 101 and More with some Promo Kitchen Chefs

Round Table Discussion with Promo Kitchen

  • Why should a business want to get into podcasting? What do you see as the major benefit of launching something like this?
  • What do you see the value of podcasting being for other businesses that might be listening today?
  • What is the one thing, you wished someone had told you about podcasting before you got started with it?
  • Why wouldn’t a video show be better? What’s the reasoning behind just doing audio?
  • How do you decide on topics or guests?
  • Is it ok to promote something to sell or does that turn the listeners off?
  • What is the  impact of technology on our industries?
  • How to rise above competitive threats (online, commoditization etc)?
  • What keeps up at night in our 2 industries?
  • What non-industry podcasts do you recommend?

Marshall Atkinson: Memphis TN based, Marshall is the owner of Atkinson Consulting, LLC, a shop mentoring firm focused on the decorated apparel industry with process improvement, efficiency, sustainability, employee training, social media marketing, and long-term planning. Atkinson is also an owner at WORK., a b2b online apparel & promotional marketing firm.

Mark Graham: Mark is the founder of RIGHTSLEEVE, one of the industry’s leading creative promotional products agencies. Mark is also the co-founder of commonsku, a business software application designed specifically for the promotional products industry. Mark is one of the founding chefs of PromoKitchen and is the host of the popular PromoKitchen podcast where he interviews industry thought leaders as well as business luminaries such as Seth Godin and Dan Pink.

Recognized with multiple honors in the industry, including ASI’s Distributor Entrepreneur of the Year, ASI’s Hot List, and PPAI’s Rising Stars, Mark has been featured in several major media publications (PPB, Counselor Magazine, Stitches, and Advantages). An innovative leader, Mark frequently mentors promotional entrepreneurs through writing, speaking, and training, and shares his technology expertise with promotional professionals across North America. But what Mark enjoys most is simply sharing ideas that foster entrepreneurial excellence.

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration Chat Room Log

alanhowe01 says to (10:59:09): hello
alanhowe01 says to (10:59:34): I hate Terry,
alanhowe01 says to (11:00:08): it is freezing in Michigan
ErichCampbell says to (11:02:14): Good morning, everyone! Alan, Marshall, ‘Guys’. 😉
alanhowe01 says to (11:02:15): pro screen there at mind’s eye march 9-11
MarshallAtkinson says to (11:02:17): Yo Yo Yo
alanhowe01 says to (11:02:24): hello everyone
alanhowe01 says to (11:02:38): Terry you know I am kidding
MarshallAtkinson says to (11:03:07): No he’s not. “Weather Envy”
alanhowe01 says to (11:03:36): Marshall there may some truth to that
ErichCampbell says to (11:04:17): Mark!
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:04:20): Morning ya’ll (slowly picking up the Tenn lingo)
ErichCampbell says to (11:04:28): Mornin’ 🙂
ErichCampbell says to (11:05:19): Mega Star morning.
alanhowe01 says to (11:05:24): Good morning
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:05:38): Alan, what part of MI?
2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration says (11:06:01): Morning!
alanhowe01 says to (11:06:08): I live in a small town called Columbiaville
alanhowe01 says to (11:09:16): I got left out of that list? LOL
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:09:22): Ok, I just moved from Grand Rapids
MarshallAtkinson says to (11:09:25): “Michigan”
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:09:30): to a town called Columbia
ErichCampbell says to (11:09:34): You got shorted, Alan!
alanhowe01 says to (11:09:35): see nash on Terry and pay the price
alanhowe01 says to (11:10:41): Vee, Columbiaville is at the base of the Thumb, about 18 miles northeast of flint
2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration says (11:10:48): You know we love you, Alan!
ErichCampbell says to (11:10:53): Totally true. SME credit.
alanhowe01 says to (11:10:59): not far from Frankenmuth
ErichCampbell says to (11:11:06): (Subject Matter Expert) for those who don’t do the jargon. 😉
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:11:22): Oh ok, not an MI native but I’ve been to flint a few times
alanhowe01 says to (11:11:42): I know guys, being in the Industry this long its thick skin or die LOL
ErichCampbell says to (11:12:22): hehe
alanhowe01 says to (11:13:31): well flint is the nearest city people recognize, I am originally from Detroit (metro Detroit), but I have a small house on  some wooded property on a lake, so when I come home off the road, small oasis, even in the winter
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:13:57): Just subscribed to PromoKitchen last week
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:14:06): because of this week’s show
alanhowe01 says to (11:14:08): Nice save ..Aaron !!!
ErichCampbell says to (11:14:08): Mark is such a pro. I had such a good time on the PromoKitchen podcast. It was a great experience. (Love being on 2RG’s too, BTW! 😉 )
2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration says (11:14:11): There is some love for you Alan. 😉
alanhowe01 says to (11:14:24): huge love …thanks hahaha
ErichCampbell says to (11:14:26): That’s the Guys. Got you covered. 😉
ErichCampbell says to (11:14:28): hehe
MarshallAtkinson says to (11:14:28): Alan says the “check is in the mail”
ErichCampbell says to (11:14:37): Beers on Alan, right?
2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration says (11:15:05): Great part, was that it is also true. 🙂
alanhowe01 says to (11:15:10): well a small check …it is screen printing industry
alanhowe01 says to (11:15:28): beers on me I can do that
alanhowe01 says to (11:16:13): that was great
ErichCampbell says to (11:16:15): If we ever all get in a room, we’ll just have to trade rounds.
alanhowe01 says to (11:16:22): the police are there !!!
ErichCampbell says to (11:16:35): hehe
alanhowe01 says to (11:16:37): dude how fun would that be’
ErichCampbell says to (11:16:41): Incredible.
ErichCampbell says to (11:16:43): Seriously.
alanhowe01 says to (11:17:21): we can grab marshall and mark and the promo kitchen also, it would be a good time
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:17:53): educating without talking down to the audience or preaching to them
ErichCampbell says to (11:17:56): Here’s hoping I’ll get out to more of the major shows this year. I’ll be at all the DAX shows on lock.
ErichCampbell says to (11:18:02): Totally, Vee.
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:18:45): Making one decoration method inferior because you don’t sell those products
ErichCampbell says to (11:19:00): What can we start a fight about? 😉
alanhowe01 says to (11:19:53): agreed, it’s all garment decorating, it about building their biz and helping them grow
ErichCampbell says to (11:20:40): That’s the thing I love. I just want to see people make money and hep people express themselves. No matter the method. Truthfully, I keep thinking I want to cross train in other methods. 😉
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:20:46): how much time do you commit p/week to prepare?
alanhowe01 says to (11:21:18): Vee what kind of biz do you have
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:21:52): relaunching screen printing and emb, heat printing
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:22:00): you?
alanhowe01 says to (11:22:05): awesome, I am a technical representative for SAATI chem
ErichCampbell says to (11:22:28): Authenticity is the way. Good point, Mark.
alanhowe01 says to (11:22:44): focus on emulsion, chem etc, but I have knowledge of print process inks equipment etc.
ErichCampbell says to (11:23:06): Zencaster is pretty cool.
alanhowe01 says to (11:23:16): I major on the fundamentals
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:23:32): uggh, emulsion gave me ulcers when I first started. lol
ErichCampbell says to (11:23:35): I’m the career embroidery dude. 😉 Digitizer by trade, but I’ve been in the business a little while. 😉
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:23:59): Erich, good down play, you’re a beast!
alanhowe01 says to (11:24:05): yea and emulsion is fairly easy if the parameters are controled
ErichCampbell says to (11:24:06): Hahaha. 😉
ErichCampbell says to (11:24:27): I am the size of a beast. That’s for sure. 😉
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:24:39): yea and the basement isn’t quite controlled
alanhowe01 says to (11:24:55): I agree erich its about authenticity , when you are fake , or blowing smoke , you will be found out
ErichCampbell says to (11:24:57): What I’m ashamed of is I’ve never pulled a squeegee. Always stuck in the thread world, despite being near printers all the time.
ErichCampbell says to (11:25:05): Totally, Alan.
alanhowe01 says to (11:25:18): Erich , I have never threaded a needle
ErichCampbell says to (11:25:29): That’s a tight schedule, Mark. Impressive.
GregKitson says to (11:25:41): Hey t-shirt guys and gals…
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:25:51): Bonjour!
ErichCampbell says to (11:25:59): Greetings, Greg! 🙂
alanhowe01 says to (11:26:31): hello DR. Kitson
alanhowe01 says to (11:27:45): VEE its still can be controlled to minamize the irregularity
alanhowe01 says to (11:27:58): let me know if I can ever be of assistance
ErichCampbell says to (11:28:46): Hehehe.
ErichCampbell says to (11:28:52): Doing that right now.
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:29:00): I will! Looking for a location now
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:29:14): I listen and work all the time
alanhowe01 says to (11:29:26): agreed, i listen live when i am at my desk , i listen on itunes when traveling
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:29:33): visual is good for a mix up of format
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:29:50): esp when and if you talk graphics or software
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:31:06): for instance would love the Guys to do a shop setup show
ErichCampbell says to (11:31:13): I do have a face for radio, I know.
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:31:35): where ppl can send pics of how they make it work in small spaces
ErichCampbell says to (11:31:50): That’s a good concept, Vee.
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:32:09): self-interest lol
2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration says (11:32:11): Vee- It is now on the list.
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:32:19): yea!!
ErichCampbell says to (11:32:39): That’s the power of interaction, folks.
alanhowe01 says to (11:32:42): great idea
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:32:48): Have you ever put a guest on the hot seat why or why not
alanhowe01 says to (11:34:14): keep it, clean everyone, it goes in the show notes
alanhowe01 says to (11:35:09): TERRY STERN !!!!
ErichCampbell says to (11:35:15): hehe hehe
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:37:46): thanks!
alanhowe01 says to (11:38:45): good point Mark not a selling platform , but a sharing of information Love it !!!
ErichCampbell says to (11:38:59): Totally.
alanhowe01 says to (11:39:02): well said !!!
alanhowe01 says to (11:39:10): hello rob
ErichCampbell says to (11:39:32): How do you think business podcasts should handle the ‘selling’ ratio?
ErichCampbell says to (11:39:40): Greetings, Rob!
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:40:51): What non-industry podcasts do you recommend
2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration says (11:44:39): Marketing Over Coffee is one of my Faves.
alanhowe01 says to (11:44:43): that is why you are the Marshall, the Man, The Myth, The legend
alanhowe01 says to (11:44:56): Great idea marshall
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:45:20): Thanks Aaron
alanhowe01 says to (11:45:37): I need to check that one out
MarshallAtkinson says to (11:45:53): Gary V, TED, NPR
ErichCampbell says to (11:46:21): Yup, yup.
alanhowe01 says to (11:46:22): always have to slip wing in lol
ErichCampbell says to (11:46:46): Sean Mccabe (Seanwes) had been good; I haven’t followed in a while, though.
ErichCampbell says to (11:46:50): Some of his work is really good.
ErichCampbell says to (11:47:45): The Accidental Creative is a good one as well
alanhowe01 says to (11:47:48): buddy of mine has a podcast called “the Coolest Humans” just started it has about six episodes
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:48:01): Freakomonics, Inc Uncensored, EOFire
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:48:07): Behind the Brillance
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:50:32): consolidation is one that is scary from a decorators point of view, manufacturers have been shipping bad products (t-shirts) and now own another big brand name
alanhowe01 says to (11:51:31): true true
VeeAtCentralianShop says to (11:51:39): concerns of quality
alanhowe01 says to (11:52:59): concerns of quality , customer service , personal service
ErichCampbell says to (11:53:13): Nail on the head, Marshall.
ErichCampbell says to (11:53:32): You have to be a consultant. You have to be a friend and expert in the business.
ErichCampbell says to (11:54:04): You want to be the person they refer to when someone says ‘I know a guy.” 😉
alanhowe01 says to (11:54:10): samples of fonts sewn, standard colors printed etc
alanhowe01 says to (11:54:29): custom ink not cheap
alanhowe01 says to (11:54:50): so there throws the price issue out the window
2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration says (11:55:10): All awesome stuff guys. It is going in the show notes.
ErichCampbell says to (11:56:25): Right on. 🙂
alanhowe01 says to (11:56:47): there are on line suppliers of screen suplies and people use them , its not about price, or even quick some 4 days wait….its about easy order, community , feel like they have a partner,
ErichCampbell says to (11:57:08): That thing was insane.
ErichCampbell says to (11:58:16): The partnership prospect is so important, Alan. You are correct.
alanhowe01 says to (11:58:38): Terry good direct to garment printers have not increased in price hardly since the day of the t jet and brother gt541, and today’s machines are way better
alanhowe01 says to (11:59:15): great point mark
ErichCampbell says to (11:59:51): Storytelling is important.
ErichCampbell says to (11:59:56): You have to fight commoditization.
ErichCampbell says to (12:01:34): Process, process, process.
ErichCampbell says to (12:01:46): Managing orders and customers is so much more important than people think.
ErichCampbell says to (12:02:11): The online faces are the sexy things to see, but the business and asset management is so critical.
alanhowe01 says to (12:02:50): that was a point of , the digital squeege , the mhm IQ as the technology increses and grow pricing becomes afordable
alanhowe01 says to (12:04:01): the same thing happed with automatics in the late 80’s and early ninties because better and afordable to the masses
MarshallAtkinson says to (12:04:15):”The Internet” this is why you become a podcaster or blogger. Distribute the right information
alanhowe01 says to (12:04:40): “everyone is an expert behind the keyboard”
ErichCampbell says to (12:05:39): It’s important to see a track record. 🙂
alanhowe01 says to (12:07:03): the customer in many ways is more informed , on purchases when they comme to a trade show, they have an idea, so its confirming what they have learned adding to it , or debunking the bad information and showing the right direction….that is the power of the trade show today
ErichCampbell says to (12:07:56): Absolutely. This is why having people with experience in the industry is so important for folks working in the service side of the trade.
alanhowe01 says to (12:09:54): agreed Marshall
alanhowe01 says to (12:14:38): well played Marshall !!!
ErichCampbell says to (12:14:42): hheheheeh
MarshallAtkinson says to (12:16:55): I’ve listened to The Art of Maniliness before
MarshallAtkinson says to (12:17:02): Forgot that one
ErichCampbell says to (12:17:35): 99% Invisible!
ErichCampbell says to (12:17:40): Love that one, too.
MarshallAtkinson says to (12:18:27): American Apparel. Ha! At the ISS LB show Gildan didn’t have their ’17 catalog at their booth.
ErichCampbell says to (12:20:06): Planet Money, I believe did a T-shirt study that was cool.
MarshallAtkinson says to (12:20:49): Erich that was cool… Loved that
alanhowe01 says to (12:21:21): This was a great show !!!
ErichCampbell says to (12:21:38): Totally.
ErichCampbell says to (12:21:57): Hey, I’ll take those questions at my blog, too. 😉 Ha!
ErichCampbell says to (12:22:11): I volunteer for any embroidery Q’s.
2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration says (12:26:35): We are going to lose you guys live, but it will be recorded.
MarshallAtkinson says to (12:26:43): ok
alanhowe01 says to (12:27:39): thanks, Guys !!!
ErichCampbell says to (12:27:49): Great show!!!!
ErichCampbell says to (12:28:38): I’ll have to catch the last bit on the recording. I’ll be listening to that this weekend. 🙂
ErichCampbell says to (12:28:45): Thanks for the great insights.

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