Instagram – Should you be on it: I think Instagram is evolving for sure and is no longer a place just for teenagers (think Facebook 6 to 8 years ago). This means that it becomes a place where many of the buyers of our products are spending their time online. Since it is a picture and video social media platform and we are in a visual decorating market, it is a great place to show off what we can do. I also find Instagram to be a great place to let your potential customer get behind the curtain so to speak. Show them how your equipment works or what the process you use to bring them your products is so they feel part of your inner circle.
Like all social media platforms, just remember these are their site and their property once you post things, so make sure all your social media posting has the ultimate goal of directing people back to your website. Today it’s Instagram, tomorrow it might be Whirl or whatever the next big thing is going to be.