Generic Catalogs – Many of your T-shirts suppliers will offer what are called generic catalogs. These look just like the catalogs you are now ordering from, but with no prices and no identification of the company… such as Alpha or SanMar to name a couple. These catalogs are for you to use to show your customer’s different products that they can order from you.

Why do garment distributors offer these price blank catalogs? Because when a customer finds something they want, chances are pretty good you’ll order from that same company. It’s simple and very smart marketing on their part.

Theses blank catalogs usually cost about $1.00 each and are often offered with your company name and contact information printed on the front. Become a really good customer and sometimes they will offer you some quantity of catalogs for free as a thank you. They do generally cost money, so you don’t have to hand them out to everyone walking in the door. But you can have several on your sales counter, and certainly give them to your better customers or better potential customers.