Quick Tip February 13th, 2015 by Terry Combs

Choosing and Exposure Unit – First, all UV output light sources can expose a screen. The question then becomes a matter of efficiency during the exposure process. Our recommendation is to choose the highest wattage you can afford, and a vacuum attachment that will hold your screen and artwork tightly against the glass.

A quick note on units with a vacuum attachment. A small diameter rope will likely come in the box. It is not packing material, so don’t throw it away. The rope is laid on the glass near where the vacuum hose attached to the rubber blanket cover. The other end of the rope is draped over your screen. Be careful not to have the rope lay across the area of the screen where your artwork is placed. When the vacuum is turned on, the rope will create a channel for the air to be pulled out from the inside of the screen. That’s where we need the vacuum to do its work.