How to NOT do Customer Service – Back in 2014, I wrote a blog post talking about a customer service experience I had and some key takeaways about how to NOT do things and what to do instead. Lately, I have noticed some things, even in my company that just stood out to me, so I plan to update that blog soon, but you all get a sneak peak of my thoughts. I have some points that I will talk in more detail about on my personal site soon, but for now, let me just give you the top 2 points so you can make sure you are not doing any of these things.

1) Customer Service is a part of your sales / marketing success. They are the front line of your company and should never be viewed as just an administrative function.

2) Training your customer service team to understand what you value as a company and how to best help your customers with empathy is the most important thing you can do. Entering and order and process returns should be the last thing you train them to do.