QUICK TIP June 12, 2015 BY Terry Combs

The “Going on Vacation Method” of finishing projects – clearing your desk, and tying up loose ends. I was scheduling a vacation for the end of the month to visit my daughter and her husband and of course my grandson, Baby Henry, and at the same time looking at some lingering, pushed back emails, a couple projects, etc. I started thinking about that point where you’re leaving town and need to wrap things up. I’ve talked here before about being your own consultant and looking at your business. We often know what needs to be done to improve our businesses, but choose to ignore or put off that decision. I’ll take that a step further on a personal business level and recommend you pick a day, next Friday for instance, and pretend you’re going on a two week vacation after that. Treat every project, every email, every decision as if you won’t be able to look at it again for two weeks. Wrap it all up, make a decision, clear your archives by using my “Going on Vacation Method” of personal management.