QUICK TIP MAY 22nd, 2015 BY Andrea Bommarito

Small lettering in embroidery – This can be one of the most difficult tasks – just like embroidering/decorating different garments. We need to understand the properties of garments, backings, thread, needle, digitizing, etc. etc. One major part of embroidery that we have to understand is what the thread / needle relationship is. Needles are round and they penetrate fabric – or they separate fibers of fabric. Thread is also 3 dimensional in that it is twisted and is also round. It must work directly with the needle to make the stitch. So, when using these items for smaller/detailed work, it is helpful to work with smaller threads and needles – this helps by creating a smaller hole in the fabric and also decreases the bulk of the thread in such a small area. Using a smaller needle such as a 65/9 with a 60 weight thread can absolutely change the look of your small detailed work.