Quick Tip May 29th by Aaron Montgomery

Heat Press Pressure Settings – Lots of questions about what light, medium or heavy pressure is when talking about heat presses. If your press has a digital read out of 1 to 10 typically those numbers are equal to about 10 psi each. So 10 would be 100psi and that would be heavy pressure. 5 to 6 would be medium and 7 to 8 would be medium heavy. If you have a cheap heat press then I’d advise upgrading, but the best advice I can give you is if you can close it with one arm that is light pressure, if you can close it with 2 arms that is medium pressure, and if you have to grunt to close it or give it some elbow grease so to speak that is heavy pressure. Fortunate most substrates and methods don’t require exact pressure, but ideally having a digital read out is best.