Road Warrior Stories


Live from the DAX Chicagoland show, Terry, Aaron, and Erich will be talking about tending to your business while on the road. With a few tips on business travel, attending and working trade shows, and all subjects industry road warriors face every day. Even if you are not a regular road warrior, tune in to learn tips and tricks that will make those times out of the office easier to manage.


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Dad Joke: From Kristin Schneider from Thread Designs Inc.

Why can’t a bicycle stand up by itself and needs a kickstand?

It’s two-tired

Road Warriors

Road Warriors on the Road Again

How to get out in front of travel so you don’t have to be so far behind when you return. (Take a vacation from your vacation idea.)

Staying on track with good habits you are building or have. Like eating, exercise, etc. 

Hacks, gear, and must-haves in our bags?

If you absolutely have to have it, carry it on.

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Prepping for Presentations & Booths

From Erich Campbell

  1. Show up early.
  2. Don’t disappear before the attendees do. Commit to the entire event.
  3. Prepare, practice, and project.
  4. If it’s critical, bring a backup.
  5. Keep your audience in mind for the message- Address their needs. People want you to do well; the audience/attendees/customers aren’t enemies, they are your partners. Try to help them and they’ll help you.

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