Screen and DTG Printing with Specialty Platens


We got the calendars synced up and we are excited to get the folks from Action Engineering on. Screen printing and DTG presses come with standard adult garment platens, but your potential doesn’t end there! Eric Naftal and Marcia Derryberry with Action Engineering will be joining the 2 Regular Guys to talk about printing on more than t-shirts, including the newest market item, face masks.

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Specialty Platens

Terry: Marcia Derryberry is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Action Engineering. She has 33 years’ experience in the decorate apparel industry, having been an editor on Impressions magazine and Editor and Chief for 20 years. She also was responsible for the educational content development of the Impressions Expo conference program.

Erik Naftal is the president and CEO of Action Engineering, a manufacturer of specialty application pallets for screen and digital printing presses. The company, which has been in business for nearly 30 years, offers specialty pallets for all types of presses. Erik holds an electrical engineering degree from Southern College of Technology. 

Aaron: So Erik, you’ve made quite a career of manufacturing platens for products other than adult t-shirts. What’s been your most unusual platen request?

Terry: Marcia, I know Action has been making platens for screen printing for some time. How has the growth of DTG impacted your business?

Aaron: So Erik, bear in mind that many of our listeners are on the podcast version, show us and tell us about some platens you’re currently offering for both screen and DTG decorators. (Hold off on face mask)

Terry: So the newest product many of us are selling are face masks. I know there are different configurations of masks. Erik, talk to us about mask decorating, and the challenges.

Aaron: Marcia, the majority (or all) of your customers are manufacturers. Has the lack of trade shows impacted your business? Has the Covid situation impacted your business?

Terry: Erik, besides the mask platen. Any other substrate have your attention right now as a new potential for decorators?

Aaron: Marcia, you’re fairly new to Action Engineering. Tell about your new duties there.

Terry: Erik and Marcia, thanks so much for joining us today. How can our listeners reach out to you?

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